CH Makes A Total Horlicks Of A Modular Patch


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Looks absolutely awesome Paul!
I love all the details you're filming too!
Can almost smell the wood (nice that my brain ignores the solder fumes).


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Do you think this spells a bad chapter?

At least twice, I composed a song only to realize later that it was an already existing song, that I happened to love but never learnt to play... until I "composed" it.

This being said, here's another brilliant (and fun) video about the Perry/Flame debacle:
(it also hints that our industry might be being gamed)

[EDIT: Rick Beato did a good one on that subject too.]
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The intellectual dishonesty of hired-gun expert witnesses in court cases is a real problem. Heavily biased by their fat pay cheques, they will make the most ridiculous claims couched in specialist terminology that is aimed at both impressing and bemusing non-specialist juries.

Forget academic rigour, blind them with science!

Geoff Grace

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Good reference, Christian! I've bookmarked it for the next time I redo my orchestral template.

Thanks for posting this. :cool:




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I'm starting to get a weeeee bit nervous!

When you watch this video back now, it seems such an obvious plant to have the sketch of the orchestral arrangement on the desk - I mean, it was on there, in plain sight for about 10 minutes, and I totally missed it! I know someone on here spotted it, but I completely missed it first time around! Genius clue placement! The guys at Spitfire must have a ball thinking about how to leave these little breadcrumbs, leading up to a release!

In fact, do you guys also leave a few deliberately misleading clues, so as to not make your real clues too obvious? The walking to and fro in front of the white board, with what I think was fairly generic text, in retrospect seemed targeted to throw us off the scent just a bit, or am I just paranoid??!!
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