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I'm looking for some good Celtic woodwinds. There are a few threads on the subject, but most are several years old.
I have Embertone's Shire Whistle, which is pretty good, but I've yet to find a nice Low D Irish Flute. Best Service's Celtic Era has some OK flutes, but they aren't nearly as smooth to play as Embertone's whistle and I don't like the Engine 2 player. I hear CineWinds Pro has an Irish flute.

Are there any Celtic flutes (low D and the like as opposed to a whistle) the community recommends?


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Project SAM's Lumina has a very nice tin whistle, however, their low whistle in Symphobia 2 is sadly not as expressive.

I highly recommend Ilya Efimov's low whistle, it is the closest you can get to actually playing a real low whistle (which is extremely rewarding to learn by the way). . https://www.ilyaefimov.com/products/ethnic-winds/irish-low-whistle.html

Edit: By the way, don't confuse an Irish flute with a whistle. An Irish flute (also often called a renaissance flute) is side-blown, similarly to a concert flute, however, it does not necessarily have keys, in that regard it's similar to a low whistle. Low or tin whistles are not flutes, their sound is made via a fipple and they are end-blown.
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Ilya Efimov's low D whistle is indeed pretty decent but if you're looking for a flute it's a very different sound. Also I'm getting some pretty terrible phasing issues with the legato, not sure if that used to always happen but now I can't unhear them.

I second the notion that low whistle is a lot of fun to learn and not very difficult unless you have particularly small hands.
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