CC control issue in Kontakt


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I'm having an issue with the CC values that my nanokontrol has started putting out. It's my own fault, everything was working fine, and then I thought I'd try one last time to see if I can get my XTouch working with CC controls (a rabbit hole I've been down too many times!). Anyway, I've managed to screw something up with the nanokontrol, let alone the XTouch! Now when I move faders, I'm fader 1, 2 and 3, I'm correctly getting out CC values on 1, 21 and 11 - at least, those are the values I see in the control bar in Logic, and these are the values I intend to output, based on what I set up in the Korg Editor. However, when I look in Kontakt, under Automation>MIDI automation, the faders are outputting on 103, 104 and 111!

If I would have to go through and re-map everything, each parameter to each fader, it would take forever!

Is there any way I can back-track and reinstall a file that will set me straight again (I'm using Time Machine, but don't know which file I should reinstall - I tried the, but that didn't work; also tried an earlier version of my template; still same problem exists). Anything else I could reinstall, perhaps in Kontakt, to get back to things working again?
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