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Cantus Quintus Brass Quintet

Dear Villain

Coffee before music
Hi all,

Funny story here: I uploaded this brass quintet of mine to Soundcloud now that I finished the score for it (most of my music is for live performance) and after a whopping 2 listens, somebody emails me asking if he can purchase the score. I've at times spent hours promoting a piece on various social media/forums, etc. with hundreds, if not thousands of listens, never to "get a sale." Then this...goes to show how random it all really is. Anyway, the link to listen is below, and the score can be purchased through my website if lightning would strike twice :) lol

Score for purchase: http://www.dearvillainmusic.com/?download=cantus-quintus

A note about the performance: all VSL, standard libraries in Mir. It is unusually "wet" in that it was placed in the Vienna Konzerthaus foyer...I've attended many brass performances over the years in overly wet spaces (cathedrals, etc.) and purposely wanted to explore the sound in a large space.
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