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Can't decide between Arva and Genesis


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and haven't ruled out 8Dio Liberis or Mercury either.

I realize it's different for everyone, but here's where I'm at. I'm very new to composing on a computer (daw), but I've put in my time researching VSTs....actually...way too much time for this obsession of a hobby....and I'm just getting started in collecting VSTs. I got the EW subscription (cc plus) a while back just to get started....and purposely for the reason that I wouldn't feel pressured into making permanent impulse buys.

I have the full Soundiron Olympus Choir and I love it, and I've used Mercury elements and find that the 2 choirs blend very well. However, Mercury has only boys which kind of sucks. The Soundiron Olympus full Choir doesn't have all the bells and whistles (ie...gimmicky word builder)...but it does what it needs to do and it does it exceptionally well...awesome choir...beautiful sound.....no regrets at all. I have used both EW choirs....great for layering....word builder is gimmicky at best...I would not purchase it outright.

I keep going back and forth between Genesis and Arva...two very up-to-date exceptional choirs. One however, is 120 $ more than the other and that does come into play. Good composers know that choir is the most overused instrument there is, and this purchase is just 1 part of the choir, so yeah....money does come into play here a bit.

I've also heard there were some difficulties in the sampling of Arva which has shown some inconsistencies in the VST, but I don't have anything to back that claim up.

I mostly like to compose melody in symphonic arranged style pieces in both classical and thematic settings....Epic or emotional....it doesn't matter..

Hope that's enough info for some help.

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Unfortunately, I can't give you an A/B comparison, as I only have Genesis between the two you're looking at. But I'll say that Genesis is one of the most consistently enjoyable to play and easy to use libraries I have.

I have (in purchased order) Requiem Light, Mercury Elements, Mystica, and Venus, as well. Genesis was purchased after each of these.

For me, there are some magical moments -- some legato lines -- that Mercury Elements just nails and there's real magic there.

Mystica has great sound and some great legato, as well. I find it a more niche sound that excels at what it is.

Venus can sound good, but I rarely turn to it.

Requiem Light was the very first VST I purchased, and I hardly touch it.

But Genesis... I reach for that when I want voices almost every time.

Also, for sure money is a key factor in choosing a library, especially as a hobbiest (that's me, too). But you'll never miss the $120 if that's the better library and you get to use that day after. But skimp... and you may end up regretting that savings for years down the road.

Ultimately, I'd say listen to as many demos as you can and find the timbre that you like, and go with that one.


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Ultimately, I'd say listen to as many demos as you can and find the timbre that you like, and go with that one.
Well here's the thing with Demos. IMHO, ARVA put more time into their demos, which is one of the reasons its hard to tell which one I like more. One of the ARVA demos in particular is just beautiful.
But Genesis demos purposely show 6 different styles which is great...just wish more was put into them.


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I don't have Genesis. But if you listen to the demos of both, Arva is clearly superior to my ears. Plus the polyphonic legato is Amazing and very usable. I am happy with Arva. Also love the boys choir from Metropolis 2. Amazing for melodies.

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I have Genesis. The features are really nice, but I think I prefer the overall tone of Arva a bit more. It sounds more natural to me.


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So after doing some more research, I notice genesis has melisma....which is a big deal. Arva doesnt advertise it, so anyone who has it might be able to pipe in on that.
My overall impression is leaning genesis as it also looks a bit simpler to use.


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Well....in the end, I got Genesis.
Definitely a no regret library.
Beautiful sound. 4 part divisi. Cutting edge legato and melisma. Super easy interface. Not overwhelming, and yet there is so much that can be done with it. It really does sing.


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I have Arva and think it would be a good choice if you have some of the other Strezov Choirs, but yeah looking at that price for Genesis now with 121.00 bucks off the price is super good for a Children's choir! Both look to be great choice of kid choirs out there. hear good things about Genesis and love the interface.
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