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Can you save 'group' in Logic tracks? [SOLVED: NO!]


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In my workflow, group information is a key element, which I use a lot to show/hide groups of tracks. However, it seems using 3 different methods to load an instrument in Logic, none will retain group information:

- If I save a user patch - the group field is empty when I then load that patch, even if it was saved with group information
- If I save a channel strip, again same thing
- Even if I go to the browser button, import a track from another project, again all details are retained when I bring the track in, but just NOT group!

Can any one help me understand why this is, and if there's a way to fix it? I'd ideally like to use user patches as my way of loading instruments, if I can only get group info to be saved as part of the patch.

Currently, my workaround is to save tracks as a template - this allows group information to be saved, but forces me down the huge orchestral template path which I'm trying to avoid.


Many thanks.


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In case anyone else might encounter this problem too: seems group assignment cannot be saved in user patches or channel strips or project tracks accessed via the browser button (confirmed on Logic Pro help site). So, saving tracks as a template is the only way to go currently if you need this feature in Logic. Very odd why this parameter, amongst all the others that can be saved and stored in the patch/strip/track, is the only one that can't :/


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That's a good question to ask, I've run into it before as well. I guess the bright way of looking at it is that it forces you to consider your individual group needs on a project by project basis? Small consolation for what could be a big time saver though, I'm sure.


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Unfortunately groups can’t be exported or imported. It’s a long standing feature request. You should setup a barebone or full template where all groups are setup and visible.

Another needs improvement feature request is the handling of transform presets.
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