Can we please do something about the 2C Audio banner?


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I do not mind ads, and I do not mind that unlike the old site, this one has ads on the side.

But PLEASE do something about the 2C Audio banner. I really can not stand it when things constantly flash at me.


Shut up.

Can we please get them to take away the constant text flashing on and off?

Thank you.


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YES! done, sorry guys, I will make sure this doesn't happen anymore. All clients are now invited to reduce the blinking. I'll also contact Frederick about it to see when this one was supposed to expire..:shocked:.


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No worries about the flashing. I was more concerned about the old banner. If I were 2C Audio, I might be irritated to potentially have potential customers put off when they couldn't currently get deals that were currently being advertised on VI-C.


Let me know if you see it again?
It is still there, I have seen it more than 6 or 7 times.
Another version of it is also in the front page ad section.

(annoying flashing image removed by tech support volunteer extraordinaire)
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Just now noticed the same banner @Suganthan mentioned in March. The flashing doesn't bother me, but I suspect the 2015 winter holiday sale is over now. If I were 2c audio, I might get grumpy about outdated ads falsely directing customers to my website.