Can someone give feedback on the velocity response of the S88 mkII and/or the LK88+?


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First a little background.

I have the Arturia KL88 mkI and mkII. MK1 has a noisy clunky key bed but I like playing it and the velocity response is consistent allowing for much less editing in LPX.

The MKII however has a slightly spongier feel but not terrible. The problem is the velocity is all over the map. I can't play a fast passage, especially when doing strings without having to compress all the velocities. It only has three curve options and none of them are decent.

So.. I'm looking at either just getting another MKI (my old one is a bit worn) while I sill can or get the S88 MKII. The Nektar doesn't have aftertouch but since I rarely use that I might just make the move to semi-weighted. The thinner controllers on the market don't interest me as I need space for a mousepad and mouse on the right side which is why I liked the Artiria.

I have email Arturia's service to see if there is a firmware coming but I've decided to just sell it in the meantime. It could be just my playing style is more suited for the older model.

If you have one of these controllers can you give me your experience how consistent it is with velocities?


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May I ask how did you sorted all out?
I sent a video and comparisons to Arturia so they did an RA on it. The repair center claimed to not find an issue but Arturia is sending me a brand new one anyways. Their support has been very good.
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