Can I build a Iconica-template in VEPro and have Cubase build expressionmaps automatically? (Vst3)


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Basically, the headline says it all.

Have been reading a lot about issues with VEPro and VST3 the last years, and before I go ahead and buy the plugin, I wanna make sure that my plan is possible.

So, I use Iconica in Cubase Pro 9.5, and can build expressionmaps automatically through the VST3-function in Halion 6.

This makes managing instrument-multipatches very easy, but there are several downsides to this setup.

1) Saving-times are redicously long! Up to 90 sec sometimes, and I´m slowly going insane because of this.

2) Projectfiles are nearing 800mb in size! Currently, storage is no issue for me, but still...

3) Cubase is getting very very slow when activating the whole orchestra at the same time with multiple mics.

I tried the free version of VEPro 7 with Reaper and set up the whole project there. LIGHTNING FAST. The only problem is that Reaper does not support the expression maps, and I´m not clever enough to set up custom maps with Reticulate-plugin for reaper. :(

So, should I get a VEPro-setup and hope for the same options and possibilites through Cubase, or is this setup simply not possible?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

My setup: I5 6600, Win10x64, 48gb ram, 2tb SSD.