Can I block myself?


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I have a hard time reading my posts; I find myself a tad annoying at times, and think my VI-C forum experience would be much better if I didn't see posts by me.

Is there a way for me to block me?



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Don't do it!

Then you'd be unbridled, unabashed and unencumbered
by any sense of decency.

If we have to read your posts it's only fair that you have to too.

Don't they have any good therapists in LA?


sleepy hollow

unconsciously incompetent
I've been working on blocking myself for quite a while now. Pretty hard to achieve.

Been using some kinda phase reverse trick to cancel out all my stupid posts, but for some reason (I think it's got to do with internet latency) I ended up with weird comb filtering. Makes my posts even more annyoing to read.