Bug in Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions



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The issue here is that the OP does two things:

1. reports a legitimate bug

2. Expresses in its tone a frustration with a touch (it seems to me) of anger.

(And we all know the frustration and anger that comes with bugs in expensive sample libraries, so its of course perfectly legitimate to feel and to express this, and I'm sure we can all empathize. )

The problem is when you mix these two things, in just the right proportions, in just the right corner of the internet, you risk the internet fermenting them into the seed of a molotov cocktail of internet toxic death spiral. Or so recent experience on vi-c suggests. Which, I'd suggest, is why some people (including myself) are sensitive to posts with this kind of tone. (Even if such sensitivities are probably not really warranted on this particular thread).

Anyway - most intrigued by the idea of using the bass waves up close in the mix. Its not something I've ever though of myself.

I hope you'll share the complete track when its done?
Thank you for the perspective. Much appreciated. Will certainly share the track when done.
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With respect, @prodigalson, there is very much something that current owners CAN do, and that is to avoid the patches that contain the bug, so as to avoid the trouble I went through in writing a piece and diagnosing the source of the problem in my arrangement. That "beware" seems to have really irked a lot of people, and though I don't fully understand why it was such a trigger, I removed it from the post title.
I think one of the reasons is that there’s been quite a few people jealous of Spitfire and who want to criticize them for everything or even are looking to find something to criticize them for. If you had just written that you have discovered a bug but assured us that they are working on it, no one would react to it. But instead it made it look like a really bad library made by amateurs.

I’ve found bugs in so many libraries and I have submitted it to the developer, and never thought it would be of any interest to anyone else.

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We had a beautiful Spring day on Saturday, but the temperature has dropped considerably since...oh wait, this isn't a thread about Spring...


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So there's valid and constructive criticism of spitfire or any other sample company to be made in good faith. And there criticism which can at best seem puzzling and unconstructive, and at worst seem to not be made in good faith. And we could (if life weren't as short as it actually is) debate the nuances of the difference between these two type of criticisms.

But in the general service of understanding how we might all collectively work to avoid the kinds of toxic death spiral dynamics we've see here in the last year, may I suggest that the surest way to nudge the discussion into a tribal matter of personal honour instead of actually substantive discussion of sample libraries is to ascribed overly simple (and kind of insulting) motivations like 'just jealous' to people who we disagree with?

Just a very general thought.


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Can we just be kind to each other, people? Nobody knows what anyone else is going through, and why they react the way they do. I reacted to the original wording of the post, because now that I'm a developer myself, albeit a very small one, I felt sympathy for Spitfire. The fact they are a huge operation with many employees doesn't change my feelings in that regard. When I released my first, and so far only product, a bug slipped through the net, and within a few hours I got the first email. I fixed it as quickly as I could, staying up til 4 in the morning to push the update out, all the while panicking at the thought of someone going on here and posting an angry "Beware, Nicolaj released a buggy product" post. The impact on my sales, and thus my livelihood could have been substantial, but luckily my customers where very understanding and kind, and I've had no bug reports since. Not looking for sympathy, I chose to enter this business and having been on VIC for years, I knew what to expect. I only say this to hopefully illustrate why the wording of the original post rubbed me the wrong way.

With that out of the way, it is also now abundantly clear that the OP had no malicious intend at all, and even removed the offending word, so all is well as far as I'm concerned.

Let's just put this to rest, and get back to writing music and being kind to each other, yes?


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Wow... This is a surprising thread.
Thanks for the heads up on the bug.
I really don't feel the accusations / criticism you've received were warranted.
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