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Bt phobos update 1.1.4


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I'd like to heard how agressive it can be. Are there hard perc, guitars, orchestra (i saw it in the list) . All i heard by now is very "eno esque"...
Can we make trailer music with it ?
Can we create multis or must we make multiple instances of 4 sounds to get multis ? Is it cpu hungry with multiple instances?
And finally how to save a preset ????? Didn't see any function in the walkthroughs...


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I was unable to install the update 1.0.5 until today. I use BT Phobos on a PC Slave machine with VEP 6. After the first install BT Phobos did not see the patches or presets. After the reset in Library Manager and I downloaded the second time, BT Phobos did see the Batches but still could not see the Presets. I have tried the reset of the download and reinstall with Spitfire Library Manager but I have not been successful in get BT Phobos to recognize the presents even thought I checked the Spitfire.properties file to make sure the proper directory and folder was annotated. I noticed the the batch files had new file dates in the Batches folder but the presets had the original file dates from my initial install. Not sure if this is my issue but I am open to suggestions. FYI: I did create a support ticket and Spitfire is generally quick to get back to me.

Hi Rod, I can see your ticket in our system and someone should get back to you later today


Rod Wilson
Thanks, Sandy got me up and running by getting me to do a complete download and full reinstall.


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It had a few bugs when it first came out, but these have been ironed out well by the SA team. I'm just finishing up my first movie at the moment using it and it worked pretty well. It's not a zebra or an absynth if you're looking for traditional synth stuff, but for movie work it really gives you those scene atmos like nothing else. I wouldn't call it Epic, but if you want that Skyfall-esque ticking over background type stuff, then this is the product for you.

Ned Bouhalassa

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Download went fine, content is on my hard-drive, but for some reason, the AU version of the plug-in has not shown up - has anyone experienced this? Should I reboot the computer?
* Edit * Yes, rebooting worked.
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I love the sound of Phobos, but the presets interface is probably the worst I've used in a long time. Why, in heaven's name, are the fonts so small, the next/previous buttons so close together, etc? Really turns me off when I'm on a deadline.
Did people beta test it first, and if so, did no one point this out?

Yep. Plus if you go up and down through presets, in one of the CH presets if you go down to the next one it resets to the init patch. Its a horrible preset interface and a pain in the arse when you're in a rush


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Hey Ned - how do you resize it ? I'm getting nowhere fast !

Two ways. One just click and drag from the lower right hand corner of the GUI or go into the Settings Dialogue. Second way, you can find that to the south east of the dropdown for the presets in the lower left hand side of the GUI.



Yep. Plus if you go up and down through presets, in one of the CH presets if you go down to the next one it resets to the init patch. Its a horrible preset interface and a pain in the arse when you're in a rush
Yes, Phobos must have one of the worst UI I ve come across in a vst synth. Makes the user unproductive Spitfire should take note and fix it


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Thank you! I love the sound and personally don't see it as overly complicated. Navigating the presets always seems to be very time consuming, though. Thanks for listening!


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Hi everyone. I'm pleased to announce that we have now released BT Phobos 1.1.4. Here is a list of the changes:

- Faster loading times

- Preset management improvements

- MPE mode fix

- Convolution puck display improvements

Jack takes us through the updates in his How It Works video:
All works good for me. So glad to see the faster loading times and easy user preset saving. Nice work!


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I just can't understand why the browser window can't stay open? Seems like such a little thing. Every time you search for a patch you have to click/ hold/ drag set. Ridiculous. Omni's Browser stays open and you can scroll and load presets with the arrow key on the computer keyboard. Is it really that much to ask in 2019?


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I agree with richardt regarding the preset improvements. Very welcome.
Above all, it's great to see that Spitfire is continuing to improve Phobos.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to add an MPE video on your youTube page.
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