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  1. ReelToLogic

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    Jun 24, 2018
    I apologize if this has already been posted, but I just came across this video and found it fascinating! I've never seen professionals do a "blind" test like this and I have to say that it takes real guts to do this type of comparison. Their reputations as having "golden ears" were on the line!

    They compare the sound of 8 reverbs that cover a wide price range - while blindfolded. The results are surprising and I get the impression that if they did it again, they might get a different answer. Makes me question some purchases I've been considering...

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  2. Sanlky

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    Dec 15, 2014
    Test its ok, but in some cases reverbs sounds different, for example, you dont hear much of the tail of lexicons, while others may fill up too much, room with its tail, they might prefer it or not, didnt look much presets used, but some i heard like a warm reverb vs a bright hall, its up to you if you will prefer one or another since they tend to be different algorithms for reverb.

    I bought: Valhalla Vintage Verb, EW Spaces, Liquid sonics Seventh Heaven, 2016 stereo room from Eventide, Softube TSAR. Chroma reverb its nice, buts since its a bit new, havent tried much, dont own lexicon they were so damn expensive, but planning to go UAD in the near future and add some nice reverbs from UAD. Why did i bought them, and not others? I tried and give them to understand how i would use them, they fill up my needs. There are many reverbs i dont own, like altiverb, which is a bit pricey for me, or Lexicon ones that i may up ending buying them in a future, but for now, i have all reverbs i need, exponential audio its one i want to buy, when i started all i had were logic space designer, i hated it so much i bought valhalla vintage verb, algo bought Eventide ultrareverb with its intro price, but never liked them so much.

    Many reverbs algorithms are really good, but they are tools, just get to know them and how you will use it :) a 50usd reverb might beat a 5000usd hardware reverb but its up to you how you will use it and how it will sound in a mix.
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  3. Zoot_Rollo

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    Jul 1, 2016
    unwatchable from the get go.
  4. Chr!s

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    May 27, 2018
    How many more reverb videos are they going to do? Paul Thompson has a recent one too.

    This subject is honestly not nearly so nuanced.
  5. OP

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    Jun 24, 2018
    Yes - I recently watched Christian's other video with Jake Jackson, and also Paul's video on using a range of reverb plug-ins with orchestral music. I found both of those very helpful and interesting. What was unique about the one above is that is was done blind - which I've never seen done before. It reminds me of an experiment that some friends and I did many years ago blind tasting several different brands of beer - some of which I claimed to like and some dislike - yet in some cases I could not identify which was which. Very embarrassing!

    Yeah - this was a very limited test and I'm sure there is much more to it.

    The testing process is painfully slow to watch and the napkins are a bit silly. If folks want to jump to their results, they are at 12:30 and at 19:45. As I said before I'm not sure they'd get the same result if they repeated the test - so the results may not be very meaningful. I changed the title of this thread to better reflect my initial comments - this may not be a great test, but it is very different and bold, and I commend them for doing it. I'd like to see more blind tests like this!
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