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Botdog Samples - Frog Guiros


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This time around we are *selling* the frogs for $5. I'm not calling it a donation because we're making it mandatory. However, 100% of every $5 we get will go to Education Through Music: Los Angeles.

ETM:LA partners with inner-city schools in Los Angeles to provide music education and instruments to all children, and also uses music education to improve academics, motivation, and self-confidence. OK, that's a bit of a copy-and-paste job but I've seen it in action and they are really good. Jdog and I went to a classroom in South LA and handed out some frogs and got to talk to the kids about writing music, it was very cool. It makes such a difference with some of these kids, just little things like not having to share a communal mouthpiece (much less an instrument), things we take for granted.

If you're the type that is suspicious of our charitable intent, don't buy it! Trust me on this much, we have spent WAY too much time and money on this project to try to scam you out of your 5 bucks at this point. Though I'm happy to be audited, or, if you'd rather, donate direct to ETM and email us your receipt.

My real hope is that through our silly video we can raise awareness for ETM:LA even if we don't end up raising that much actual dollars.

Special thanks to @Farkle and @Mike Greene and the other composers that agreed to play the frogs in our video. And much thanks to @Jdiggity1 who spent many many, many, many, hours on this project, and then some.


Great cause, and great video. I'm increasingly jealous of Jdiggity and anyone else who gets to work with you.

Could you maybe include some more idiomatic frog guiro examples in another walkthrough, though, with legato and mic positions spotlighted too? Feels like you're hiding shortcomings.
Instant buy for me. Even if I don't end up using it, the video has entertained me, so it was worth it to me.

Edit: Even more important it supports a good cause.
Brilliant! You have my $5 - and honestly, you could have gotten more<G>! Loved the video... you are one creative dude!
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