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BOOM! Bargains galore in this week's Samplecast #48 - plus news, freebies and updates


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Crash, bang, wallop...

...it's a new episode of The Samplecast. This week I'm showcasing 15 different products with news, bargains, freebies and updates. Sadly I didn't have time to complete a Big Review this week as it's been super busy doing videos for new products from Auddict and Sample Logic. Sorry guys.

You can hear the extended show on the podcast - which also features full sample library demos and much more chat. Subscribe on: iTunes | Android| RSS

Featured this week:

Persian Vocals – Rast Sound
Titanomachy – Cinetools
Abstrung – Audiofier
Master Solo Strings : Viola – Auddict
Askew / Soul Trap – Mode Audio
Dronar Dark Synthesis – Gothic Instruments
80% OFF Cinematic FX Bundle – Boom Library
40% OFF Guitarscaped 2 – Boyss Sound E Scapes
40% OFF almost everything – 8DIO
72% OFF Stigma – Sampletraxx
Dronar Free Edition – Gothic Instruments
Loop Session Series : Rhythmology – Sample Logic
Custom Instruments – Umlaut Audio
Beatbox Anthology 2 – UVI


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Good stuff. That Abstrung sounds beautiful!
I had only played it briefly when the show went out. I've delved in more deeply over the last couple of days and can confirm, it's a really nice instrument. I'd recommend everyone take a close look.
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