Bohemian Series Expansions Thread, Violin Expansion 2 Improv Video

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  1. Yep as Kurtvanzo pointed out, all you need is to keep the UFS files in separate folders and you will see Two Bohemian Cellos mounted. One will contain the new and the other the old cellist.

    We are trying not to talk of any release dates and instead we are updating our progress on our websites blog. Ondrej finds it too hard to give exact dates as he will not release the library until it meets his expectations in capability and evolution. To my ears it sounds release ready :D, but I know that he is still tweaking few bits and bobs as well as testing few different built merges to achieve the best results for you. I don't think that the Violin EXP2 is far, but I know that Ondrej will update you all once we go to Beta. I'm sure that he will do the usual video of improv and more info about the EXP2 will be made public at that point.

    I hope the above helps and we will be updating you all as soon as we enter beta testing of the release candidate.


  2. OP

    Virharmonic Senior Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    I finally get to post what we have been so tirelessly and proudly working on.

    Here is a live captured improv using Expansion 2 Beta release candidate build. All we are doing now is final UI passes and we expect to upload over the weekend, so beta for those who are on the beta team will start as soon as we get encoding back (usually pretty fast) and release is planned for June. Once in beta we will do more videos showing all the extra cool features coming in EXP2

    Expansion 2 brings about over 20,000 new samples of Bow changed legato, repetitions and much more (Yes including non vibratos bow types ) !

    Stay in musical flow from the first note till the last, using our In Momentum Musical Capture technique.

    Thank you for all your support and we can not wait to finally get this beast into your hands :)
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  3. X-Bassist

    X-Bassist Senior Member

    Sep 26, 2015
  4. Sibelius19

    Sibelius19 Music is just color and rhythm --Debussy

    Dec 12, 2015
    Michigan USA
    Really grateful for this! With Afflatus+Bohemian Violin I'm not sure I'll need another string library for a long, long, long time.
  5. Silence-is-Golden

    Silence-is-Golden ^^

    Jun 8, 2015
    Impressive stuff there guys!

    Unexpected: poly legato brings something new to the pallet. vib!!

    I hope you all can finish this string quartet in this lifetime, what a massive job.
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  6. jneebz

    jneebz Senior Member

    Sep 28, 2013
    Portland OR, USA
    Love it...There seems to be some minor phasing when the vibratos in the Poly Legato are too similar maybe? Can't quite put my finger on it...
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  7. Guy Rowland

    Guy Rowland Senior Member

    Dec 13, 2012
    Lovely stuff!

    Would love, in time, a variation on Poly Legato that would be true to a single instrument, especially playing an open lower string with a fingered higher one and tracking all the bowing of course.
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  8. constaneum

    constaneum Senior Member

  9. chapbot

    chapbot omnivore

    Feb 7, 2017
    Am I losing my marbles or is that literally about the most breathtakingly realistic solo violin VST I've ever heard? I can't wait - wonderful job!
  10. ism

    ism Senior Member

    Dec 14, 2016
    It’s pretty amazing alright - but I’m trying my put my finger on exactly what’s improved over exp 1.
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  11. Pixelee

    Pixelee Active Member

    Apr 27, 2014
    I think slightly longer notes and poly legato and non vibrato as far as I can tell
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  12. chapbot

    chapbot omnivore

    Feb 7, 2017
    I think I'm hearing I'm more realistic tone?
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  13. chocobitz825

    chocobitz825 Senior Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    Sounds great and I can’t wait to download it, but I can’t help but wonder if this is more about playing to the strengths of the samples, more than it’s a sign of the most versatile solo violin to date.

    The cello also sounds great but when you dig into it, you see that the length of its legato lines and arcs all have a unique side to them that make them great when you play around them, but doesn’t always result in the good fit for every song.

    Either way looking forward to the release.
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  14. scoble08

    scoble08 New Member

    Jan 21, 2016
    Bartok pizzicato?
  15. ism

    ism Senior Member

    Dec 14, 2016
    It does sound great - but so did exp 1. Perhaps there's a new kind of legato in this demo that exp 1 wasn't great at?

    I'm not hearing any non vib in this demo. And exp 1 had beautiful long arcs also.

    Not saying it isn't great, just that it's not clear what this demo is showing off (other than the poly legato). So looking forward to hearing more.
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  16. Wolf68

    Wolf68 I should compose something.

    Jul 4, 2018
    holy cow. this sounds now really good. respect!
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  17. constaneum

    constaneum Senior Member

    Probably an update to the legato engine ? Smoother than previous?
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  18. OP

    Virharmonic Senior Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    Thank you everybody for the kind words and questions :)

    In the video I show how much more is possible in EXP2 without using words or forcibly drawing attention to it in a technical manner, but rather playing what came to my mind to showcase how easily can the performer play it in a musically accurate and fluid way. I'll leave the technicalities to the Overview and tutorials ;).

    I know that a lot of you love EXP1 already and improving on something that is reaching performance levels is hard to do, so we paid attention to the musical flow to reach higher levels of True Performance that stays in correct motion as close to what real violinist would or could do.

    Every time you see Bow Change or Rebow it is an EXP2 sample that fits the flow of the phrase (Chapbot referred to it as more real sounding). IE a sample captured in motion including the interval and the new note without extra crossfade for each bow change in dynamics and speeds. You can see and hear the difference in playing the phrase with bow change or onbow as I do use both in the improv. When onbow is played the notes are connected on the same bow stroke and these legatos sound fundamentally different to Bow Changed (you already have onbow samples in EXP1), but when you see bow change the change happens at the same time the bow changes direction and all of these samples are brand new in Expansion 2.

    Especially the Part at 1 minute onwards you can hear very nicely how I switch between the two different types of legatos to enhance the flow exactly how I would do it if playing my violin and decide nicely which notes to accent, as bow changed legato will be always sharper then onbow. In phrasing one could see is as TEAY or TATETY (Each T is a bow change) but including all the magic that happens when in motion from note to note.

    Bow changing is no longer something to be careful about, but something to be used as it adds so much colour to the performance and to me as a violinist it is an absolute must to have. And in Violin EXP2, you decide which one by simply overlapping (onbow) or not overlapping (bow change), so you can do it on the fly and get the musical flow you desire without breaking the flow.

    In the non VI world, every note you see in manuscripts that doesn't have connecting legato line above would be played using what we call Bow Changed legato unless there is a notated pause and if you look at any manuscripts you will see that there is often more bow changed notes then onbow, but VIs over the years relied more heavily on Onbow legatos due to many restrictions that made it compulsory. With Soul Capture we work towards being true to real world, so we had to make sure that we have the more often used bow changed legatos captured in the same detail as our onbow which of course applies to note repetition as well. It is this subtle yet crucial variety that makes this improv and Violin EXP2 sound so much more real.

    Now it is back to prepping beta for me. Cheers

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  19. TigerTheFrog

    TigerTheFrog I'm supposed to be working now.

    Nov 18, 2016
    Brooklyn, NY
    This is probably the feature I wanted more than anything else. My main issue with Bohemian Violin is it decides for me when the bow changes happen. With my way of playing, it is often sooner than I want a bow change. So this is amazing.

    As a former violinist, the other thing I would like to be able to do would be to play a musical line without vibrato, followed by a sustained note with vibrato. Is this possible in Expansion 2?

    Thank you so much for this upgrade! I can't wait to get it.
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  20. ism

    ism Senior Member

    Dec 14, 2016

    Thanks! That very helpful, and yes I was hearing some kind of ... I don't know fluidity ... or something ... in the legato, but not being a violinist its one of these things you don't always even know how much you've been wanting it.

    Looking forward to understanding this in more technical depth, and especially excited about seeing this brought to the cello.
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