BMI songs registration. How Publishers are considered


I am in the process of becoming a member of BMI.
Today I received my "BMI Number".
I am trying to register several albums and songs that I have composed.
I have some doubts about it:
* In some albums I am a 50% co-author. I am already adding the data of the other composer, who is a member of another P.R.O.
* Most of the albums will be managed by Music Production Libraries. In some cases exclusively and in other cases without exclusivity.
* I was now trying to record an album of 15 songs that lead us to take a publisher without exclusivity. At this time it is the only one that takes us, but it may be what most editors carry.
* Do I assign 100%? (out of the 200% total)
* Every time I add a new Editor, will I have to edit the percentages?


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With ASCAP you have to be registered as a publisher separately, with BMI you can claim the writers share and publishers share for self-published works without needing a publishing entity, each share being their own 100% split. With a co-write you'd split it 50% each split, and would need to assign their publishing split using their publishing identity IPI, (if their PRO requires them to be registered as a publisher.)

With exclusive libraries they'll handle registration for you. With non-exclusive libraries that don't take a publishing cut this is where you'd handle registration and assign splits...

Where it gets a little confusing the first time around with BMI is that you can claim a 200% share if you're also the publisher.

E.G. Non-exclusive unsplit work: Writer: Aceituna, 200%.

Exclusive library: Like I said, they handle registration.

I've actually never done a co-write split under BMI. (Used to be ASCAP and typically work solo.) I'd imagine it'd be 50% under each, however I'd call BMI and have them clarify since it sounds like you're not registered as a publisher? If not I don't think you can just go ahead and claim and 150% and expect it to work out... Probably a good idea to have someone clarify if someone doesn't chime in here first with an answer.

Not sure what you mean by add a new editor. If you don't mean add another writer than can you clarify?
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So, everytime I create a song for non-exclusive agreement, I have to register it by myself?
It depends on the library. If it's a library that retitles they will register for you. If it's a library that doesn't publish you'd register. Either way you should register every non-exclusive title of yours. As it's either up to you to provide PRO information or they'll retitle anyway...

A retitle works like this...

You have a song called: Name That Tune.

You've already registered a track called Name That Tune and assigned your splits. The retitle library would append their own identifier that assigns them as a publisher, BMI considers this as a separate work, allowing you to register your track with the original title...

Let's say you join a library called Music Library and they use a 3 number identifier that signifies number of tracks currently in their library. It might be something like this: Name That Tune MusicLibrary099.

So you can direct license to anyone by specifying Name That Tune with your IPI number and you'd collect a publishing split. The library licenses someone the track and specifies the cue sheet must be registered as Name That Tune MusicLibrary099, your IPI, etc... The publishing goes to them, you collect the writers share.

I'd suggest registering all your works right before uploading to any non-excl. library. It's not mandatory but I just find it keeps everything in BMI works catalog a lot easier to track...
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