Black Friday 2019


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Symphobia 4 could be interesting, but too little is known yet.

I have to listen to Elysium more standalone, but it seems to generate a lot of enthusiasm.

Otherwise I don't need anything, I have more than enough to do without new purchases for the next 5 years (pious wish).
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Posted by Audio Modeling on October 7: "...We are on track with SWAM Brass for both Desktop and iOS, so we should confirm the release in a couple of months."

That's my one and only anticipated Black Friday/Holiday purchase this year.


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Cinesamples is already on sale now. Hoping for a continuation or steeper BF discount for 'Men of War'. Otherwise hoping to round off my Chris Hein Orchestra on the big day.


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The recent NI Orchestral Tools sale used up most of my budget for this Black Friday, so I'm probably going to pass short of possibly a few smaller toys.

I've been eyeing some hardware synths anyway so I'm probably going to save up for those.