BF2018: The cigarette after it. How do you feel?


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Picked up Presonus Studio One 4 Pro on Thursday.
Managed to wait anything else out until today, but then got 2018 Core Collection from Spitfire (Solo Strings, Chamber Strings, British Drama) for a nice discount since I already had British Drama.

I've been bad.

Also got 4 more of the Mike Verta courses.


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Big haul for me this time around:

MIR Pro upgrade from MIR24 - long awaited, I was always counting tracks
Synchron Power drums - on a whim, sounds good
Synchron CFX - still exploring having the integrated room

This was the major unplanned bit. Given the 40% off, went from only having First Chairs to getting the whole Berlin strings/ww/brass/perc main suite. This could be a new basis lib. I hope they follow up with a xmas sale on the expansions. (Did I just say that?, I mean, "now I'm done buying libs forever" :)

SSS - completing SSO for me. My only somewhat remorse item, as I got this first, but now am more excited about Berlin. Anyway, when in Air...

External TB3 NVMe drive - Tiny little thing, with 2TB in it, can go to 8TB.


I was proud of myself for a pretty restrained Black Friday, having gone a little nuts last year on libraries. Then I made the mistake of watching another one of Dan Worrall's FabFilter videos.

Without even a moment's hesitation, I picked up Saturn for $52 USD (after using my intro loyalty points) at Time+Space.

Don't watch Dan Worrall's videos.


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Hello. Actually Dominus was made to be able to sync on the beat. So you have these options:
1) to turn the Preroll OFF and play on the beat
2) turn Preroll ON and play the word with a slight anticipation according to the consonant (CRI or STA are longer than CO or KI)
3) turn Preroll ON and word quantize on and you just have to play in advance (random anticipation) to have the word perfectly on the beat.

The system is done to automatically do the change on the selected beat.
I usually prefer option 2 because it's much more controllable and sounds better. Option 1 cuts the longer consonants to have a snappier attack (the attack is always on the vowel part) while option 3 is quite rigid, since are stuck to the quantization you have set.

With option two, just make sure that compound syllables like CRI or SPI or ones beginning with a soft consonant (L,S,F) are played in advance. Usually it's about 300 for compound consonants and 150 for soft consonants. When you hear the vowel, that's should be on the beat.

So case:
1) you just play on the beat and the choir is on the beat. The starting consonant will be a bit cut, however.
2) Case 2 can sound beautiful, but you just have to think about how a choir interprets the chanting. If you are going to sing a word like Cristus, you will realize that it's the I that's on the beat. Everything that will follow will be synced according to the first I sound.
3) Case 3 keeps the musicality of the singing intact but forces you to play a bit before the grid size.

(Side note: you can make words consisting in single vowels to make a typical aaahh patch)
Thank you for this. Part of the reason for me being undecided on this program is that I didn't understand certain aspects of the architecture such as this. So that helps a lot. Is there a manual somewhere? I kept looking on the website to see if I missed something.

Also in regards to your side note, thank you. Can it do humming like basic Mmm?


Is there a manual somewhere? I kept looking on the website to see if I missed something.

Also in regards to your side note, thank you. Can it do humming like basic Mmm?
Hello Mike, there's a pdf manual explaining all the controls in the main folder, along with the NKIs there's a PDF.

About humming, unfortunately no. Mmms would act like a sixth vowel for our system. But we have something planned shortly, but this is still a little secret :D


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Ok, I caved in with Spitfire's "Ton" after all. Already got the piano (so I also got discount) and I'm not that interested on Glass&Steel in particular, but the Evo 3 walkthrough made me think how much I could actually benefit from having quick string patterns in my arsenal for fast jobs.


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Did not buy any vst on BF.
But today : BOI1 and MA2.Couldn't wait more....
With the vouchers, don't regret. Mini BF sale !!!

BOI1 is a 'best of' of the Berlin Series.
And MA2 is......MA2 !!! Gigantic !!!

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Honestly, my main purchase strategy was a bit of a bust. I was hoping Strezov would have some deeper discounts, primarily to tempt me away from Genesis and toward Arva. (And, er, also to tempt me toward some of those aleatoric brass libraries?) Since it didn't, and Genesis seemed to have some nice additional features (creepy detune, robust wordbuilding, divisi spatial placement), I went with Genesis.

Otherwise, the Spitfire deals were good, and I picked up the Igneous Electric Cello to go with the LABS Amplified Quartet and my beloved Strezov Westphalen Electric Violins. Haven't quite figured out what, yet, but there's something in that buzzy electric strings sound that's picking at my creative lobes. (Figure I'll probably mix them in with a couple of those new Waverunner Audio libraries.)

Just for sheer silliness, I picked up Soundiron's Questionably Barbershop and Mike-Ro Tenor for a kind of goofy vocal bit I'm thinking about putting together.

And I'm still mildly tempted by either "The Ton" (really just for the EVO) or that Aria Sounds multi-pack. Haven't decided -- I guess I need to get there by tonight!

Fever Phoenix

yes, it's true, I can tap dance.

I did well until today...

last day of the Spitfire Audio Black Weekend.. I bought the The Ton Bundle (had Evo Grid 3 already, so it was like 40 €), added Evo Grid 2 for 183€, as I can use this kind of evolving string libraries a lot for my work. And somehow ended up buying Sonuscore The Orchestra for 239€, as the sale extended another 48 hours and I heard so much good feedback on the arpeggio and ostinatum features..

oh.. yes, and I picked up the Evoxa Engine for 12.50 :)

I am excited, yet a bit disappointed in myself, as they got me again..

Still, not bad, last year was a disaster.. lol..

at least I don't feel alone with that flaw when I visit the VI control forum :)
I picked up Spitfire’s The Ton Bundle. EVO Grid 3 was near the top of my Spitfire wishlist and I don’t think I’m likely to find that library alone for $100.

I may end up getting the Soundtoys Bundle. I decided to demo the bundle recently. It’s very suited to my tastes.

There were a lot of sales earlier in the year, so I wasn’t planning on buying much for Black Friday.


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Only bought...
Cinematic studio strings
Walker D lite

Still eyeing Intimate textures as its on sale til next week.
thoughts on scaler? - eyeing imitate textures too, but not sure how well it'd blend with non Heavyocity strings and other orchestral parts

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thoughts on scaler? - eyeing imitate textures too, but not sure how well it'd blend with non Heavyocity strings and other orchestral parts
I've only tried Scaler briefly, but I had issues with it triggering another instrument and it annoyed me a bit that I couldn't lock it to a scale, so whenever I auditioned another 'song' I would have to change it back to the scale I was working in.
Pluginboutique have a few Scaler videos on YouTube in case you haven't seen them.


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I bought The Ton, as I really wanted EVO 3 and, just like last year, that Ton bundle offers a lot for little money.
I also decided not to wait for a sale on an update to Komplete 12U, so I got that one, mainly for the session Guitars. Still contemplating Modwheel's Timphonia. I could still buy the Orchestra, its engine is alluring, but as I am not really into grand orchestral music, I think I'll resist the urge.