BF2018: The cigarette after it. How do you feel?


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I went crazy this year, but I saved up for that very reason: VEPro 6, Another 32GBs of ram, A Samsung tablet+Lemur...maybe I'll pickup Heavyocitys's ensemble metals since my template lacks in that department. Oh, and I bought a PS4 Pro with my bro, mustn't forget that! :cool:


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How's Softube Tape treating you? I know you were on the fence about U-he Satin.

For $30, it looks tempting.
Hah, you've been following my waffling about tape plugins, then?

Satin was too much for my needs, both in price and in what it could do, and the sound didn't really fit what I was after. I think the main temptation of that for me was a desire to buy into u-he more, since I'm a big fan.

I demo'd Softube's for a few days though, and then happened to end up on their site to see it on sale. Took it as a sign. I'm looking forward to spending more time with it, but my first impression is that it's pretty subtle in just the way I want, but can go in the other direction too if pushed.


I went more nuts than I planned to.


BFD Expansions: Imperial, Horsepower, Sabian Cymbals, Stanton Moore Bosphorus Cymbals, Modern Retro, JEX, and Wooden Snares

Cinematic Studio Strings

The Soundiron 5-1 bundle (Venus, Bryn, Steel Tones, Drinking Piano, and Cymbology)

Impact Soundworks orchestral bundle (Vocalisa, Orch. Percussion, Orch. colors, Bravura, and Furia)

TAL Sampler


Presonus Faderport 8

Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

I should be good now.


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broke and lacking self-control, lol.

I didn't go too crazy though. Most of what I got was to fill in gaps for VIs that I didn't have yet. And then there was Cinematrix. IDK what i'm going to do with that, but may be more of an inspirational tool.


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Pretty restrained for once! Just:

VEPro 6 (Seen too many @Dirk Ehlert & @Jason Graves videos to resist)...
Upgraded to full Soundtoys 5.

Still own more libraries and VI's than I have time to actually master, so not adding to the sounds until I can get a workflow I'm really happy with and *then* spot the gaps.

It'll probably take me until next November to wire in VEPro anyway... ..


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All I did was finish off my Chris Hein solo string collection and wow. I played in about forty-five seconds of Ravel's string quartet with just the modwheel and it still sounds amazing. Can't wait to do some actual tweaking


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Got Dominus, which I quite enjoy. The BF sale price came in far under my buy point, the only library on my wish list for which that was the case. Trying not to give into the temptation to get the Berlin Winds, which sound so lovely but which I do not at all need (and hence was not even on my wishlist). Thinking about whether I want to take the plunge and convert to VEP (also not on my wishlist and I wouldn't even be thinking about if it wasn't for the sale). Also thinking about RAM upgrade, third screen, and better audio interface. Some of this will be pushed till Xmas, the rest into the new year.