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Can’t say, I only check in with Fox through a news feed here and there. I sometimes like to read things from people I generally disagree with. More people should try it.


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Is it possible Liberal voters are starting to realize those they worship are failing, always have and always will?
What do you expect when Liberals fail or lose and get a raise or promotion.
If your not accountable youll just keep losing.

This stems from the philosophy that you give them you're money and they'll fix everything.
This is wrong, just because these are good intentions doesn't mean its guaranteed success. This simply means hey I tried, but I need more money again because I failed again.

Recent debates only show a bunch of miserable pessimistic con artists trying to make you think the world sucks without their divine guidance.

Homelessness, not a single mention. Impeachment, never heard of it.
These are losers, if you want to lose vote for a loser, theres a whole stage full of these con artists, fake Indians and victim prosecutors.

Totally understand trying to impeach Trump so you don't have to face him in 2020.
But American voters want to watch the Liberals get smoked.
I know I do.
I want McCabe in jail too.
Lets hold some of these lying bastards accountable.

Then we might return to a hostile but at least halfway honest sense of representation.
But if Liberals want another four years of getting nothing done except bleeding all over everyone, then they can watch for another 8 years in 2024.

If they were smart they would fix their ghettos and failed districts themselves instead of Trumps having to show them how things get done in the real world.
Maybe just accept his offering since their plans are over a trillion dollars wasted now and things are worse not better.

If Liberals want to live in a castle next to diseased zombies, thats their choice.
I just don't want the same losers running these failed districts to poison the rest of the country.

I hope Trump shoves it up their ass in Cartelifornia.
According t the numbers each homeless person has had 200,000 dollars spent on them.
Those are the numbers.
Whether they are true or not why would any voter out there allow the same losers more chances to waste billion of dollars?

Please my brothas, Americans love California, dont let the cartel lobbyists and banners of goldfish to ruin such a beautiful state.
Remove these pieces of shit and let honest people with results try, instead of con-artists with good intentions fail...


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According t the numbers each homeless person has had 200,000 dollars spent on them.
Those are the numbers.
I think you are looking at the numbers wrong. Total spending on homeless divided by number of homeless people might get you in that ballpark. But the spending is also to deal with future homelessness as well (shelters, resources), not just the existing reported numbers (which are undoubtedly lower than actual numbers anyway). So to say "each homeless person has had 200,000 dollars spent on them" is misleading and rooted in emotion rather than logic.

One could spin nearly any statistic to fit a narrative. We should strive not to weaponize information (while ignoring its context) simply to push a political agenda. The way you say it, you make it sound as if they just handed a 200k check to each homeless person and called it problem solving. But that's a disingenuous representation of reality.


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Spin isnt my gig, and what you said makes sense.
Where’s the money and the facilities then?
Its like personal property taxes for roads and bridges.
Why would another separate ballot for roads and bridges be needed?

I paid taxes way back in the early 80s when I was a kid to put the homeless on the Queen Mary anchored in Long Beach IIRC.
Never happened.

The Lottery was suppose to address the crumbling schools, same story there too.
Pretty sure politicians first priority is to make sure the pensions are secure with whatever revenue they have. Leftovers, might be thrown at some endless ongoing problem which seems to be the case here.

Another puzzling fact I came across is over a trillion has been spent and it seems the problems have only gotten worse.
I think its time for results and forget about the good intentions excuses.
Its almost like the politicians are wealthy folks, they don't clean up their own dog shit or cut their grass or clean their house.
They simply throw money at the problem so the can say I did what I could.

They had better show more respect fo the tax payers and try to get these people mental health, housing.
It looks really bad giving illegals who barged into our country free stuff while Americans die in the streets.
But then if youre after the hispanic vote, leaving Black and White Americans in the streets makes perfect sense. They don't vote, they don't work, fuck ‘em....
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