Best Wow/Flutter/Broken Tape Effects Plugins?


Hi, I would like to know what are the best Wow, Flutter, Broken tape effects plugins available these days.
the more parameters and controllability, the better.

What options do we have?

Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Gillam

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Waves has some cool ones, check out the Abbey Road bundle, in particular the ADT and the J37. Also maybe Kramer Master Tape from Waves and Satin from u-he.


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I haven't tried many, but I love Satin. I use it (subtly) on every stem, but you can also crank up the wow/flutter, completely bork the bias, or distort the hell out of it if you want. There are a ton of parameters, and the manual is a bit of education in itself. There's a free demo on U-He's site.