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Best way to run VE Pro Slave


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What way do you use VE Pro?

I have used it a lot over the years although I am back to running everything in Logic and loading instruments when I need them whilst having a general template which has most instruments I need pre-loaded. That said, I'm working on a new project and I want to have more tracks pre-loaded, hence I'm considering setting up VE Pro and possibly building a slave machine. However the thing that has always held me back is how to have VE Pro recall the exact state it was in when I switch back and forth between projects in Logic.

What i want to be able to do is:

Have VE Pro running on slave machine at all times.

  1. Open logic session A connecting to VE Pro slave.
  2. Open Logic session B A connecting to VE Pro slave.
  3. Open Logic session A again and have VE Pro recall exactly the settings when I last opened A.
Is there a foolproof way to achieve this?




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If you are connecting to VE Pro decoupled, the VE Pro server project will always remain unchanged.

And there is no such thing as a Logic "session" btw, they are projects.


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The only way to successfully achieve this is to have it decoupled (presuming you are using the same template) and have the midi parts in your sequence be "complete" - i.e. they must have all automation written in, vol, mod, expression etc. etc. such that the sequence will play back correctly no matter what (i.e. so nothing from the other sequence changes a setting that isn't reset back when playing back the other sequence). Just takes tidy sequencing, always writing in volume/expression/mod values etc into each part. Just have to get into good habits on that front so your sequence automatically plays back correctly no matter what...


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Thanks very much Afterlight82, that does make sense. I guess I could also have Logic send used fader values? that might help no?
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