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Best way to organize tracks for CPU/Ram (Kontakt)


So I'm planning to build a new computer soon, but first I'm trying to find the exact potential and limits of mine.

I'd like to build a large orchestra template (Konakt sample instruments. Strings, Brass, Woods, guitars/bass, solo instruments, synths).

There are 2 ways of doing this,

1 - Have many Kontakt instruments in a single Konakt instance. This would mean all midi track route into a single Kontakt Track, which would have to have separate outputs (maybe back to the original midi tracks) for EQing etc. the sounds.

-Less ram. I save about 1gb of ram by doing this.

-all work is being done by a single track, therefore CPU workload would not spread evenly across cores (right?)
-Messy/difficult to organize. Lots of routing.

The other option is having a kontakt instance for each instrument.

-Even CPU load?
-Easier. More organized. Easy to add tracks as needed.

A bit off-topic. But I'm hoping I'll be able to run everything with the following build

32gb ram
3 Samsung 960 pros
(I might try a Kontakt registry tweak. Lowing the Ram buffer down to 3kb or 2kb, since the NVMe drives are so fast).
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