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I had Izotope's Vocalsynth (1, yes there is a 2 now) and when I discovered Manipulator I liked it a lot better. It works really well from the extremely subtle to the extreme, and features such as the smooth grains when pitch shifting down are effective. I can't say it's "better" than any other similar tool, only that the UI, workflow (easy to do the MIDI routing) and sonic quality is superb from my POV.

I was fortunate enough to capture this on a really deep sale. I don't remember how much it cost, but it was far less than $149.
yeah, I am really looking at buying this one. thanks for comparing the two. it’s nice to here from somebody that does has both.


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Been waiting a year for the orange vocoder redux to surface:

But there are others. Multiplex vocoder is a stand alone app that can load any vst synth and use that synth for a vocoder. I’ve tried it with repro 1 and omnisphere and it works decently, only downside is it’s not a plugin, so it can’t be opened inside a DAW. It needs to be recorded (it can output/record wav files) then those audio files imported into your DAW. Not ideal, but you can get some cool and unique results :)

They also do a half price sale twice a year, At $30 its a steal...

You can also demo it for free first....

Edit: Aaaaaaand two days later it's now 50% off until May 12th, 2019. In fact everything them make is half off with code:
Good deal.

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For outboard I have a MAM VF11 vocoder which aren't expensive if you can find one... same vocoder as used by the Beastie Boys in Intergalactic... skip to 0'40"