Best soundtracks lately?


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Since this thread has been resurrected, I will add Johann Johannsson's score for Arrival. Incredibly inventive and perfect for the tone of the film. His score for Sicario was also amazing. His passing was a great loss to the artistic community.

Ned Bouhalassa

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Showtime’s Maniac does indeed have a really good soundtrack! Too bad that I find the story so confusing. I’m only 2 episodes in, though. Worth watching for the music, the acting and editing.


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Digging Sean Callery's score for Homeland lately

Also Bear McCreary's score for Battlestar Galactica


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It's difficult to pick one because there have been so many good ones. I do however want to point one out in particular because it surprised me so much:

Alexander Desplat was a composer that for me never quite 'did it'. As in, I heard that the man obviously was talented, but I had yet to hear the one score from him that made me a believer. I saw him as an oscar-drama composer, and never could see why people thought he was so brilliant. Guess he just wasn't my composer.

So imagine my surprise when this score came around. I was flabbergasted. From subtle, soothing piano tickling melodies that I knew him from to this absolutely gargantuan sounding beast of a score. It's primal, it's aggresive, it's this angry storm of a score unlike anything I have ever heard. It's fantastically large without falling into the familiar epic percussion pitfalls like so many other scores. It bangs you over the head in a way few scores muster, as most composers turn to the same trite composing techniques and epic score mannerisms. This does nothing of that. Instead, it's this highly technical, challenging yet enjoyable score that leaves you tired after hearing it. In this case, however, getting tired from a score is a very, very good thing.


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I find a lot of scores either bland or noisy these days (must be getting old). That said - I really really liked the retro style of Benjamin Wallfisch's King of Thieves score (even if the film itself wasn't that great):

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This is just really cool IMHO:

It's sort of a "reverse scoring" project. The creator makes a collage of various classical pieces in single key and establishes a story for each. Somehow the musical result is cohesive, and transitions are very smooth in general.

The insightfulness is pretty incredible and IMHO gives a lot of cool ideas for composers! It's like "reverse composing" that potentially helps inspire the normal composition/scoring process and give orchestration ideas etc. If you have writer's block, take a listen to some of these!

Should be used in education too IMHO!

I haven't listened to all the new instrument ones, but the key signature ones are just a ton of fun IMHO!