Best soundtracks lately?


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Zhao Shen

Lots of favorite scores ever listed in this thread, but hearkening back to the subject of best recent soundtracks, I was very pleasantly surprised by the score for the new live action remake of The Jungle Book by John Debney. Honestly some of his finest work.


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I'm a huge Thomas Newman fan. I think he is one of the most creative film composers I've ever heard and with incredible stylistic range. Whether it's his dramatic work on films like Shawshank Redemption and American Beauty... animation such as Finding Nemo, Wall E .. or the James Bond films and Bridge of Spies, He has always perked my ears with his inventiveness, and his uncanny ability to find just the right emotional tone for his scores.

Amazing talent that guy.
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Too much to mention. But recently watched Jungle Book from John Williams. Loved it. Especially because the music plays such an important role.


I've been watching and listening to the music of Maniac on Netflix(2018), with music by Dan Romer. His music is so well done and fits very well with this off-beat Sci Fi dark drama/comedy. A Vanity Fair review described the show as "In an alternate-timeline (or maybe dimension) New York City, two lonely people, both in states of mental and material disarray, embark on a drug trial that forces them to confront past tragedies and crises." The show and the music go in very unusual directions. Romer uses some unique orchestrations and a wide range of styles. Many of the cues are subtle and beautiful, some a little quirky, and the one below more ambitious. They're all great.


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Lots of interesting posts here. To these I'll add the score to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword by Daniel Pemberton, which I was listening to last night on Spotify. So interesting! A badass medieval rock band.