Best soundtracks lately?

Walid F.

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Most of the similar posts on VI Control have been about best soundtracks throughout the times, either games, favorite movies, etc etc. But I haven't read much about the newest soundtracks, like from 2010 and forward?

So, simple question - What is your favorite soundtrack that has come out these late years?

I'll pitch in with a score from JW: Lincoln. Very nice, quite classical brass band stuff (but on the soft side). It does get a bit too sad when you overlisten to it. :)



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At the moment I'll say Henry Jackman's Winter Solider, Vampire Hunter and First Class scores, Hans with Dark Knight Rises, Rush and Man Of Steel, Michael Giacchino for Star Trek Into Darkness, Junkie XL with Divergent and 300: Rise Of An Empire,


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No question here….. Cristobal Tapia de Veer's soundtrack to the uk tv show : Utopia.

Not everyone's taste for sure, but in terms of sheer creativity and sound design, I've not heard anything else as inspiring.



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On first viewing, Desplat's Grand Budapest score seemed repetitive and there was a TON of score in the movie.

On second viewing I was amazed out how effective the rather thinly orchestrated score is. I also noticed a technique which I really enjoyed...
He seems to simply introduce a new instrument as the only means by which to 'hit' something in picture. A beat is usually driving but then a single handclap comes in at the same time as a dramatic element on screen and the effect is quite subtle yet effective.

Not sure if it is such a great listen without picture. But a very different and enjoyable experience on 2nd viewing.


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yes -- absolutely a great reminder too about how much music you can create with a handful of players.

If they are alive! (non-electronic -- sorry v.i.!)


I think the Tron: Legacy soundtrack is something pretty unique for big budget stuff from these last few years. It updates 80s stuff like John Carpenter's movies or The Terminator or Vangelis and gives an appropriately modern feel and scope to it. It also mates HZ's signature ostinato stuff with it's digital counterpoint (the non-musical kind) in the warm, fuzzy synth arpeggios.

It may not be as catchy and dance-able as Daft Punk's regular album output, but it explores another side of the group's influences in a way that works for a big budget summer action picture.


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Recent scores I've really enjoyed include...

Jon Hopkins "Monsters" and "How I Live Now"
Olafur Arnalds "Broadchurch" and "Gimme Shelter"
Johan Johansson "Prisoners" and "Copenhagen Dreams"
Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Cliff Martinez "Drive"
Michael McCann "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"
Gustavo Santaolalla "The Last of Us"
Nigel Godrich "Scott Pilgrim"


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I buy nothing but Alberto Iglesias these days. Without ever having seen a film he scored, except for "Tinker Tailor" and "La Moine". But I quickly discovered that I simply have to have everything the man has ever released, from his earliest ("La Camarera Del Titanic" is the earliest I can find) to his most recent ("The Two Faces Of January").
There's plenty of phenomally good composers at work in films these days, but at the moment ― and it's a moment which started three years ago, with "Tinker Tailor", and I don't see it ending anytime soon ― Iglesias excites, enchants and impresses me most of all, and by some distance. Supremely talented musician.

Wait! I've also bought Fenton's "The Zero Theorem" a few weeks ago. Strange and uneven (I wouldn't be surprised if the same adjectives can be used for the movie as well), but its good moments are very good.



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Yes! +1000

Alberto is my jam completely. I got into him bc my gf loves all those Pedro Almodovar films; crazy sets, characters, etc but with classic Herrmann by way of the Iberian peninsula (or something..?) scoring. I've been listening to 'Two Faces of January' the entire month. Before that, 'The Skin I Live In', 'TTSS'...even 'I'm So Excited', a light yet raunchy comedy about flight attendants, was great. Anything he does I'll probably really like it. He's one of the few primarily orchestral film composers that really gets my attention these days.

The last couple years I really liked:
The Master
Under the Skin
Animal Kingdom
Only God Forgives

Breaking Bad
House of Cards


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My recent favorites in no order:

Henry Jackman - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Jeff Beal - House of Cards
Hans Zimmer - Man of Steel
Jonsi - We Bought A Zoo
Alexandre Desplat - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Harry Potter 7a/7b
Steven Price - Gravity
Steve Jablonsky - Pain and Gain
James Newton Howard - The Hunger Games
Cliff Martinez - Only God Forgives, Drive
Theodore Shapiro - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I just wanted to plug two composers I'm a big fan of that are from the sunny side of Japan :P.

Hiroyuki Sawano, who has been producing some consistently awesome stuff over the past year or so.

Shiro Sagisu, who I just knows how to create awesome stuff.

There are always a bunch more, but those two first came to mind :).
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