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Best Service's Engine software - experiences?


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Hello August,
Sorry to hear that you don't like Engine. It is indeed a rather "vintage" design and I expect if we wait another 5 years, we will again be state of the art design-wise ;).
But I promise we won't wait that long. As other people already mentioned we are doing a complete rewrite and that takes some time. We expect first results (smaller libraries) by the end of the year.
Until then why don't you press the prominent "Browser" button on top of Engine? Maybe you like that way of browsing better.
Maybe you wantto try the free Halls Of Fame demo which is based on the recent Engine developement.
Best regards, Wolfgang
Sorry for the small OT... If I wish to create libraries for Engine, which tools I need? I mean, is there an Engine version built to do that?


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I should add - and maybe this has changed or is different in other libraries - but the control knobs in Forest Kingdom and Medieval Legends are circular. Which I think is extremely unintuitive and difficult when using a mouse to adjust parameters. AFAIK, there is no way to change to linear mousing. I really don't know what the thinking was there...


Is there any way to get Engine to share memory between multiple instances? I've found the ERA products quite memory hungry and would love to be able to shrink things down when you've got a dozen or so instruments going. Thanks.


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Or, does anyone know how the change the internal tempo of Engine?

Say that my project is 130 bpm, the looping phrase is 100 bpm and all I can do is to choose between auto (=130) and manual (=100) sync.
I want to halve the speed of the phrase and as there is not an internal /2 -button, I could just adjust the internal tempo of Engine to 65 bpm as a workaround

Except that I seemingly can't. The tempo in Engine seems to be firmly locked to the project tempo. Is this actually reality or am I just missing something?
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