Best perc library for trailer music?

Discussion in 'SAMPLE Talk' started by hansandersen, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. reutunes

    reutunes Senior Member

    May 1, 2012
    Just needed to chime in and say that Rhapsody is currently 75% off for a VERY limited time.
    Just $49.99 at the moment via Audio Plugin Deals.
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  2. nickmurraymusic

    nickmurraymusic New Member

    Feb 20, 2019
    here's a new one called Drum Fury. sounds pretty good:
  3. jononotbono

    jononotbono Luke Johnson

    I’m very curious about Cerberus and SAGA. Cerberus’s stacking option using RRs seems like a great idea.
  4. reutunes

    reutunes Senior Member

    May 1, 2012
    I don't have Cerberus but I can probably help with the discussion about Rhapsody, SAGA and Drum Fury as I have all of these...

    Impact Soundworks - Rhapsody (currently discounted at APD to $50)
    Of the three, this is the most 'traditional' sounding percussion library. If you want to use it for very heavy-hitting trailer percussion you'll need to add a little distortion / overdrive to the sounds. The range of percussion is comprehensive and it has 3 mic positions. One of the great things is that you don't have to hunt around for certain sounds as there are a small number of patches, each containing many instruments. Rolls and swells on the modwheel are a very useful feature. Some people have mentioned to me that the sound is a bit flat but as it's a traditional percussion library I would say that's just the character.

    Sample Logic - Drum Fury (intro pricing at $99)
    This library certainly has some big drum hits which sound very clean, and it also has some fun FX sounds too. The interface couldn't be simpler and it's great option for getting some huge hits out of the box. It has over 100 .nki files so you will maybe need to edit those down to your favourites for ease of use. The mapping is not as straightforward as the other two options here and separate mics have to be loaded as multiple patches. But with this one it's all about the sound.

    Red Room Audio - SAGA ($149)
    I would say that SAGA is the best of both worlds. The guy behind this company was involved with Impact Soundworks so he's basically taken all the functionality of Rhapsody and dialled it up to 11 with some epic samples. That means you get the rolls / swells / hit function, two mics, loads of velocities and round robins, extensive mapping options, auto ensemble and a full FX rack. I love the sounds in this one, especially the recorded ensembles. They're very suitable for trailers without being too overblown. It's a great all-rounder.

    In summary, I don't think you'll be disappointed with any of these libraries (especially as some are heavily discounted right now), but they all do slightly different things.
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  5. Solarsentinel

    Solarsentinel Member

    Nov 19, 2018
    I find cerberus too limited. It's a drum kit. It sounds great but i think it's more appropriate to the rock/metal kind trailer music. Saga is much more versatile, has a great room, and plenty great options and RR as well.
  6. reutunes

    reutunes Senior Member

    May 1, 2012

    I've just discovered an amazing hack where you can get BOTH Rhapsody and Drum Fury for $130 - a $20 saving over and above the current discounts. The process is a little bit long winded but bear with me.

    Step 1 - Buy Rhapsody for $49.99 from HERE which will also earn you $25 in reward money.

    Step 2 - Go to APD Shop HERE and redeem the max amount of the reward money ($20) on a $50 Sample Logic gift certificate. Pay the $30 remainder.

    Step 3 - Purchase Drum Fury HERE using your $50 gift certificate. Pay the $49.99 remainder.

    End Result : $49.99 (Rhapsody) + $30 (gift certificate) + $49.99 (Drum Fury) = $129.98 Total

    Shoot me questions if you have any problems with the above process. As far as I know it should work.
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  7. bsntn99

    bsntn99 New Member

    Apr 21, 2018
    Here is one I just ran across. It's listed on sale for $49, but you can get another 20% of with an email sign up. 4 mics and a nice variety of elements. There is free demo version, Percussion Elements, to try out and also a free Vibraphone and Xylophone.
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