Best of 8Dio?

Mike Fox

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8Dio has been mostly hit or miss for me, but when 8Dio has a hit, it's a homerun!

So, i plan on taking advantage of the current sale, and will be picking up Epic Dhols (i have their epic frame drum, and it's stellar). Just wondering if there are any gems that really rise above the rest of their collection.

Let's hear it!


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I LOVE Insolidus. Poly arcs are my favorite. Soooo beautiful and majestic.

Silka, i don't have it but it is similar to Insolidus and even expanded ( 5 syllabs poly arcs).

Laurie is a very ethnic vocal. Adds much to compositions.

Lacrimosa hyper powerful . And has even pp arcs and soaring legatos.

Finally , Studio Soprano is very angelic and playable.

Will pick up the CAGE bundle. So many effects but also very playable things.

Will see........
Good libraries and good sales !!!


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I’m a big fan - or should I say hoarder - of prepared pianos and the 8dio one has some nice timbres, although lacking in velocity layers.

The Claire Alto Flute is also really lovely.


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Any of their epic percussion instruments. Epic Taikos, Dhols, Frame Drum, etc. They're a home run when you need some trailer-esque percussion to fill up and add some depth to your mixes. And they're almost all on sale right now. I just picked up Epic Toms to complete my collection. You can't go wrong for the price when they're on sale! :)


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The epic ensemble percussions are still my favorite perc libraries for epic music but also for general cinematic music.

But - ask for all the older/legacy versions when you buy any of them. I prefer the sound of the legacy ones for all of them except Epic Dhols.

And the Wrenchenspiel is an awesome library, especially for the reduced price. Gives a good amount of wonderful unusual bell sounds + more unusual articulations thereof.


Tonnes of things to love.
Century Series is top notch.

Studio Sopranos is so good. There is nothing on the market like it. 78$ on sale right now

I would love to buy Silka.


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Intimate Studio Strings are amazing for non-orchestral stuff.
Is it good for solo emotional solo string stuff? the kinda thing you hear in dramas etc? Kinda torn on whether it's what I'm after. The demos sounded quite good, but I'm worried the dynamic range in the cross-fade isn't enough.


The New Hybrid Rythms instrument is 38USD instead of 198 !!!!
Anyone care to share his/her experience with it? Can't go wrong at that price I guess.

I don't have a lot of 8Dio libraries. Some I got for 8 USD and that are really good for that price.

I've only heard great things about taikos and Dhols.

I have Requiem pro. Not using it much I must say.

Markus Kohlprath

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How are your experiences with the Anthology Strings? I got the old Adagio Violas during a previous sale and like it pretty much. I’m thinking about getting the whole Antology series. It would be an addition to SCS and HW Strings. A more ambient section than HWS I suppose. Is it worth to get the whole section?


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The Acoustic Grand Ensemble is great and the fact that you get room and spot mics for each makes it great to mix and shape it however you like, the articulations aren't consistent for each but that can't be helped since it covers very different instruments but the bonus processed patches are great


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Can anyone say anything about the CP70 electric grand? Is that recommendable for $38? Does it have enough dynamic layer?