Best internet solution for a solid collaboration?


Stockholm, Sweden
It won't come as no surprise in these days, but I do have to gear up for better connection with colleagues of mine. Better sound, better constancy and reliability. There is no better forum to post when you're in need, so it there anyone with tested solutions now that it seems
we´ll be stuck in isolation for some time.

Many thanks in advance for any tips, gear and trix!

MOMA, Stockholm Sweden


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Some ongoing threads that might help you:



Stockholm, Sweden
Another one:

How to share desktop and stream DAW audio through Skype.....
Hello musicians. Yesterday I had a cam session with a student, over Skype. He could see my desktop- Logic but not hear the audio. We also tried swift over, so I could see his desktop and Ableton live but only hear the sound very low. Is there a way to route the DAW audio to Skype on both Mac...

Thanks! I´ll check them out right away.