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Best full percussion library for the money currently?


I'm currently looking to buy my first percussion library, which is meant to be used with orchestral music like film scores and games - not so much in the trailer and sound design department. I want it to be the full package, so it should have all the instruments you expect like timpani, taiko, bass drum, celeste, bells, snares, cymbals and so on. This purchase will be one I will be stuck with for a long time, that's why it is important to me that I get the most value for the money. There is no budget limit since I have enough to buy whatever library I decide on, but if there is a library that performs well above it's pricetag and matches more expensive ones, this is interesting as well.

The sound quality and realism is very important and it should work well with both a dry or wet sound, and on the different mic positions. From my own research, I have these listed so far:
- CinePerc
- True Strike 1
- Spitfire Percussion (Joby Burgess)
- NI Symphony Series Percussion

I hope this information is enough to give you an idea what I'm looing for. Would love to hear your opinions on this, to point me in the right direction!
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I feel like Synchron, Cineperc, and Berlin Percussion have my favorite sound and cover basically all the features you'd need. As far as bang for buck, Hollywood Orchestral Percussion is really great too. Overall I'm partial to Berlin but i don't think you can go wrong with either of the four

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For orchestral percussion, you’d be hard pressed to beat CinePerc. If you can’t wait for a sale on that, EW Hollywood Percussion is pretty good and cheap compared to most libraries.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Cineperc was top of my list as well, so really happy to see the support it gets. Now the challenge is if I should but it now or wait for a sale... :grin:


CinePerc here too.

I also occassionally reach for HZ percussion from Spitfire which includes some great sounding mixes
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