Best/easiest way to achieve time based pulse/chopping synth effects (or effected audio)


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I noticed the Tranzform plugin being offered on Audioplugindeals. I was wondering what other people's "go to" way of achieving time-based interesting chopping/pulsing effects. Tranzform does this but I was wondering that some other efficient ways were from those who know more than me. I know l pulsing can be done using the LFO on most synths, but I'm interested in knowing what people's "go to" is so I'm not reinventing the wheel every time I want this type of effect.
Thanks for any advice!


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one of my favs



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I like to use Unfiltered Audio plugins for this purpose, especially Byome and Triad. Sonic Lab's Volbot is also an excellent tool because it allows you to create similar but randomized pulses/LFOs across separate DAW tracks, which can be great for creating cohesion.


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I only have Panstation 1 by Audio Damage so I can only assume that Panstation 2 is even better... for $39 bucks it's amazingly useful. I understand, you weren't asking about "panning" per se but it really is more of a "pulser" than anything else and you can use it just for straight chopping/stutter effects as well.