Best 76 note UN-weighted controller?


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Back in olden times - Korg T series/Triton/Z1 had awesome keybeds. Buttah.

My hands no longer see any point in using weighted action for playing in parts - who is making awesome synth action keybeds?

Bummed to see that the Kronos 76 is weighted. I don't care if its just a controller or attached to a synth. Just looking for something that feels great.



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I suggest you consider 61 and/or 88 key models. :) There are very few 76 models so you're really limiting yourself. I'm still shopping but the Nektar models seems to be held in high regard. I'm also intrigued by the Swissonic keyboards which include aftertouch at a modest price (very rare) but can't speak to the keybeds.


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Physis K5.
Only Master MIDI Controller made for VSTi and hardware.

Built like a tank too, but doesn't weigh like one.



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Interesting looking machine. I don't see a price anywhere though-?

Also not sure I follow what "Only Master MIDI Controller made for VSTi and hardware" means.


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It is a bit heavy (if that matters), but I just pulled my old, trusty Roland XP-80 and it has 76 keys. Not sure how much they are going for used, but even just using as a MIDI controller, it works well (you'll need another control surface for CC control, such as a CC1/Modwheel). As a bonus, you have all the internal sounds to draw upon, should you wish.