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Berlin Woodwinds Exp. B & C: Soloists (A Review)


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I prefer the raw emotion and recording quality of OT's library. Thanks for watching!
Another way to put this is that Fluffy is more general purpose. The clarinet, for instance has 3 dynamic layers, and vib and non vib. Designed to let you craft your own dynamics arcs, as opposed to the recorded de/crescnedos of exp b.

In the recorded arcs of the single layer of exp B, you have a quality of baked in lyricism that you're not quite going to get from fluffy.

On the other hand, fluffy has 3 dynamic layers, and there is, for instance, a type of lyrical intensity that hinges on crafting the dynamics that I don't think you're to ever quite going to get from the exp B instruments.

But of course the overarching principle here is: that its just not possible to own too many clarinets.
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