Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 Test Track - Crowning of the Young Warrior Prince (WIP)

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    Hello Everyone. I'm been lurking on this forum for the past three months. You have all taught me a great deal. I learn something new everyday. I've been purchasing VI since June and just recently had the opportunity to write again after a 18 year Hiatus. This is my first piece since I left college in early 2000. I would appreciate any feedback as I hope to improve, although this is just a hobby I am a life long learner and welcome the critiques. I still have lots to learn to any help with orchestration, structure, theme devolopment, mixing (I haven't even started reading up on this giant task). Thanks ahead of time.

    Having recently started playing Table top miniatures and DnD with friends I've wanted to compose a background playlist of my own music. This piece represents a young prince watching the ceremony of his fathers funeral, in awe of the might of his father's armies. While he stands with an over-sized crown and heavy cloak weighing him down, he ponders how he can be his father's son and lead his people to victory and prosperity.

    - Juan
    p.s. All instruments are from the BOI 2 Sample Library.
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