Berlin International Film Scoring Contest


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That's a pity, normally Vimeo is easier with copyright video, but this one seems to be protected very well. My website is very basic, video's are YouTube links, so that's no option for me. New site is planned, but will take some time.
Maybe after they will communicate the 3 winners it will be possible to upload?
I'm very glad to be in the 10 finalists btw, I'm looking forward to share my composition with you!


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For the record, Marco di Stephano posted his entry on Vi-C in a separate thread and I’ll post mine here too soon.

Only the video is copyrighted but the soundtrack still belongs to the composer (Marco asked).
So you can post your soundtrack as long as it contains only the sound or a different video track (like Marco did).

Ok, we’re loosing most of the interest without the video, but I’m sure all participants still have the video in mind quite accurately. :)

Gary Williamson

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Judges must have had a tough choice, good job eveyone! Here's mine via a google drive link, SFX are one of the 3 they supplied.
Delete if not allowed, not sure, if I go missing you'll know why, lol


Samuel Le Tonquèze
Here was my entry.
Again, comments, criticism and sarcasms are welcome !
Nice work. You made the choice of a dark style from beginning until flowers bloom, ok, but the "guitar" instrument entring at 02:11 was too strange for me. After that, we used similar lines during building falling.Thanks for your sharing.


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Like the first minute, then also like the string harmonies (positive on) when nature grow up. I also like the motif and the newer cycle at the end. From everything I've heard so far, you could have been a finalist contender.
Thank you for your listening!


Samuel Le Tonquèze
Congratulations to the 3 Award Winners:
1st Prize Winner: Kevin Queille (Switzerland)
2nd Prize Winner: Mehdi El Morabit (France)
3rd Prize Winner: Julien Casel (France)

1st Prize Winner: Kevin Queille

2nd Prize Winner: Mehdi El Morabit

3rd Prize Winner: Julien Casel
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Those 3 are damn good !!!

Lots of details, fine orchestration, room for FX. This teaches me a lot for sure, now that I compare to my modest entry.

Congrats to the winners !
I’ll sure attend next year since I learned so much in the process (and kicked my a.. to produce something).


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Sound design and engineering on the winner was top-notch. Fair play.


Samuel Le Tonquèze
how you could upload the film to Youtube? When I try the sound dosen`t work.. hm?
The video source should be a MP4 format with AVC/H264 video and AAC audio. On Windows, you can use free Movie Maker (perso I used ffmpeg).
For this particular project, you could not upload this video, due to copyrights restriction.


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Really enjoyed watching these, although several seem to have been hit by copyright issues which is a shame. Congrats to everyone who took part!


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Here was my entry to the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. Thank you to all that shared! It was great to hear not only the winning entries, but others in this community as well!

I chose to only do the audio to try and avoid the copyright issue.

Jan Sleska

sound designer and music composer
Happy to be selected as one of 10 finalists of Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2019. It was fun!
To avoid breaking copyrigh law, I have made this presentation video with my music composition.