Behringer X-Control vs Mackie Control


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I'm shopping for a motorized fader MCU and I was wondering if anyone has used these two units, and care to chime in.

I've always been unlucky with cheaping out, but how about the X-Control? I have used the Mackie Control and I liked it (except for the noisy motorized faders), but other than that it's great. Problem is: It's 3x the cost of the X-Control. I wonder if there's any reason behind it.


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AS someone whose old 24ch of MCU have the Berhinger. It's ALL disposable garbage. It's $1100 for the Berhinger vs $2200 for the MCU (for 16+1). I wish I'd had the choice. Actually--sad thing is--I'd have assumed Mackies were built like the old mixers and newer monitors-spent the money for longevity...and I'd have been wrong.


Monkeying with libraries
I’ve got issues with my MCU where the display bar shows scrambled character. But I guess it’s a driver issue (with LPX) or crappy USB.

I replaced the display bar by myself a few weeks ago. It gets totally dimmed after a few years. Something to know when buying aused one.

My main gripe against it is that it’s really bulky.

My main gripe against myself is that I use 10% of the functions at best.

I read that the faders are less noisy than Behringer. And the jog/shuttle is very nice too.


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I took the plunge and got the X Control. It’s ok. Feels a bit cheap, noisy faders, but overall it does the job.


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Mackie is one of those companies that USED TO BE a good company...Behringer is a company that continues to get better...