Beautiful ambiance / Atmos libaries?


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Hey All,

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for libraries that have beautiful - neutral ambiance atmospheres somewhat like REVX

I feel like im exhausted using the REVX Pretty Organic stuff


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If you don't mind using Halion of the free Halion Sonic SE, I can really recommend Revolution from Sample Fuel:
And I support fully the words of @shponglefan about Omnisphere 2!

With my own company I recently released Universe, a Kontakt 6 library which might worth checking out maybe


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What is REVX
have the same question if that refers to Output Rev and you are only looking for reversed stuff ?

I have no clue for that cause I dont use, otherwise the market for
beautiful - neutral ambiance atmospheres
is nearly endless and I wonder if there is already a list somewhere in the forum (would wonder if not).

Apart from the already mentioned it depends if you are looking for an "all included" version like Omnisphere or more for something special and "exclusive". For the second I would add Triple Spiral Audio (jaap was to shy to mention it seems :) ), the stuff from Frozen Plain (now available without kontakt as a new vst version and all libraries to be updated for that engine) and of course the really beautiful and relaxed stuff from SAS where something new is coming these days too:

I think I could go on the whole day but as this is so crowded might help if you could go a little more specific (for example does this include the BOC - Boards of Canada - stuff which would be enough to fill a thread).

I had really fun and found lots of treasures with the new vst rack version from Reason. Apart from the already included hundreds (if not thousands...) of presets I yesterdy bought this:

which has so much great athmospheric ambient stuff (even if years old mostly) and I really love the combinator idea from reason where you have sequencers, effects evrything included for your tweaking.


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i have tons of ambiance / atmos libraries and synth soundsets. but at the end of the day i always use omnisphere.


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Absynth is actually very good for this. Omnisphere will always win for sheer number of presets, but it can very creatively stimulating to play with various synths.
Omnisphere has a reputation of being a preset machine, but it's got a pretty deep synthesis engine underneath the hood.


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My personal favorites are "Sphere" and "Mystic" from Exotic States, "Granulate 2" from Fracture Sounds, all the stuff from Sound Aesthetics Sampling and FrozenPlain and, of course, "Enigma" and "Earth" from Spitfire as well as the Stephenson Steam Band content of the Albion series.

"Slow" from FrozenPlain is on my radar for a long time now; this is the only of their libraries I didn't buy thus far due to the relatively high price and a small discount when on sale. But recently, I've found out that I have quite a few reward points at Audio Plugin Deals so I'll take this opportunity to finally make the purchase. Really looking forward to it!