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Beatbox & Body Percussion

Alex Fraser

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Don't know which DAW you're using, but if you're in Logic-Land, Alchemy has a ton of beat box/body hit type stuff.


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You can get Claps, Slaps and Stomps for free from Red Room Audio. It's more of an ensemble, as if a choir was making the sounds. Worth downloading though just to play the intro to 'We Will Rock You'. :emoji_metal:
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Also Loops de la Créme has a claps Library that’s well regarded, though I don’t have it.

Edit - they have a summer sale on til September 4th.
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Depending on your use case I think there's a small section of beat box and stomp loops in stylys rmx. Might be the xpanded version.

Wally Garten

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Not sure about the one from Waves, but, for completeness:

Spitfire and Soundiron both have beatboxers; Big Fish has Smack; and Rhythmic Robot has Snaps 'n' Claps ("pro" version only 5 euros right now!).

Odd Samples' Vocal Chant Tool is, as the name implies, mostly shouts and chants, but it also has some body percussion.

Finally, I believe 8dio Liberis also has some body percussion/weird breath sounds, though that would be quite a purchase just for that.


Ethera Man
Zero-G Ethera EVI has many Beat Box Presets and body percussion

Some info @ this video : Go to about 7 minutes

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