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Be Thou My Vision - Irish Hymn

I intentionally kept it very simple to let it stay as original to its true harmony as possible, adding only a few other lines (a third violin playing a bit higher than the first violins playing the melody).

Let me know what you think.


Always a lovely tune to listen to.

It would sound great if you could find a cellist to play the opening part, maybe someone on youtube who does covers?

For the final verse (1:43) it would of been nice to add another layer/part. Maybe bringing back the solo cello (over the top of the strings) would of been a nice way to tie the piece together.

Other than that the track sounded great.


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Can I ask what the intention was to mock it up? I know you say you wanted to keep it simple, but I tend to think you could do a lot more with it. It seems unfinished.

Also, just a note on speed. People have a tendency to play hymns too fast, and I think that's the case here. It's often sung slower than this as a congregational hymn, and as a string piece I'd say it would work better slower also.

Have you looked at other alternative piano transcriptions for this to use as a base? IMO, there are better arranged versions out there that manage the pedal notes better.
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