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version v1
for FL Studio 20.5.1

As I got quite a few requests to share my FL Studio template for BBCSO, I decided to create this thread to describe how it works and to make it accesible for everybody interested. There already have been submissions for other /more popular DAW's, so here is my personal addition.

This was designed for personal use and is surely not "the best or most complex template in the world", but thinking about the collaboration aspect, I hope that's what @christianhenson meant and that it helps you if you don't want to set up everything by yourself. It definitely is a very solid starting point.


Mixer routing:
Instrument (e.g. Violins 1) --> Wet channel (reverb) + Dry channel (no effects) --> Group Master (e.g. Strings) --> Master




Every instrument channel has a "Fruity XYZ Controller" loaded. It is what I named it, a Dry / Wet / Panning controller, linked to the reverb bus from the instruments specific group (e.g. Strings WET + Strings DRY).
By moving the y controller up, you get more of the Wet channel signal, by moving it down more Dry signal. This simulates a room. If you want to push your instrument further back, you get more Wet signal / reverb, and vice versa. However, I keep most instruments centered and use mic positions to create realistic depth. Same reverb tail on all instruments. Exceptions were more reverb sounds good can be e.g. Choir, Harp, Pads and so on, that's up to you.

The x controller is linked to the panning of each indiviual instrument. Simple and quick, even though additional panning isn't necssary in most cases either.

But all in all, with this plugin you can quickly position your instrument in a virtual concert hall.

BRSO Articulate:


Every instance of BBCSO is linked to an instance of BRSO Articulate, a free articulation management plugin for FL Studio which basically is a way better version of the common MIDI out plugin. You can link each MIDI note color to an individual articulation. It basically doubles the power of FL Studio for orchestral music. Every articulation of each BBCSO instrument, as well as every relevant CC Controller, is linked and named correctly in the template.
Big thanks to the creator of the plugin, @blakerobinson for sending me the presets.

3rd party plugins needed:

Besides BRSO articulate, my template doesn't contain any unreplacable 3rd party plugins. If you don't own RC 48, you'll have to exchange the reverb plugin in each of the 5 "group WET" channels and turn your own, new reverb plugin to 100% wetness (!).

Hope this is helpful, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Any chance this works on Mac? BRSO has only been available for PC.
I wasn't aware of that. In that case, you could still remove all instances of BRSO and use the BBCSO plugins on their own by using manual keyswitches for articulations. Mixer routing and so on is still gonna work.


I'm a bit late to the party but here is my template if anyone is interested. It uses Kontakt, Valhalla reverb, and 2 Kontakt libraries (Grandeur and toys percussion from Impact soundworks) and of course BRSO articulate. If you don't have those you can just skip the loading for said plugin.

It has Kontakt routings ready for all sections if you want to add other libraries, which is nice.