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BBC Symphony Orchestra – Available to Pre-Order!


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Well if it’s not a subscription, that’s scary. Only reason is that their last few releases have left me a bit disappointed. I am not sure how many requests they’re getting for oddball sample libraries. True that some people need them for textures, but I’m an orchestra guy. So I am hoping that they’re doing something with actual instruments this time. :))

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Maybe we are looking into this too much.
It could be a $100 library... with a huge announcement. Balloons, face painting, donkey rides, local DJ (with own lights), PowerPoint presentation, bouncy castle and free key rings. Surely that would top every past announcement?

James H

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I wouldn't mind a deeply sampled bouncy castle recorded at Air Lyndhurst.
With Christian Henson, Paul Thomson and Hans Zimmer jumping around gleefully.
We can only hope and dream it becomes a reality.

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.”—Tupac Shakur


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No subscription before the distant future. The announcement will be in the far 28th of August. It will be a subscription plan.


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It's amazing the current culture of conspiracy theories. SF have said no to a subscription announcement, but so many "sick-little-minds" keep wanting to go in that direction...


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Go on then I'll have a guess:

"Empire" - a series of world / ethnic instruments from some of the former colonies of the British empire. This library could be as big as you want to make it. I stand corrected if Spitfire already have an ethnic/world instrument collection - tried to look on their website but I find it hard to see a comprehensive list of their libraries presented there? Probably my bad.
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