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Bass Guitar VST Instruments / Sample - Which one!?


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What are the most realistic bass guitar VST instruments / samples for pop/rock music?

What would you recommend and what's your favourite?


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This is hard. I used to love ample sounds and still use them, but I’ve found that in the end, the most realistic sounding one was trillian bass, but it requires more effort in adding the extra noise of a bass like slide noises. Surprisingly I’ve had the best overall experience using Modo Bass from IK multimedia. I bypass their amp and run through a different combination of bass amp simulators. The best part about modo is that you have plenty of bass models to choose from, you can adjust the type and placement of their pickups, the quality of their strings and the amount of player noise they make. It’s the most playable library I was surprised to enjoy so much.

In my mind the benefit is you get 14 basses plus two amp options (or bypass and simply send DI to another amp sim), plus the ability to customize those basses so you always have the most ideal sound for the song you’re working on rather than trying to EQ the bass to sound right later.
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Got to agree. I like Trilian and some others, but MODO has become my goto. And it’s still on sale!

There only sometimes when I want a more realistic ringing in the strings that trilian and ample sounds achieve, but Modo is just so versatile. No song ever has the exact same sound because each bass gets designed different when I change how the pickups are placed, or if the strings are new or old, or if it’s finger or picked. Really great when you run it through a UAD ampeg bass head to an amplitube cab with room simulation.


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This would have been my response too. The Fedoro Yin Yang is bloody brilliant and for me it was a toss up between it and the Stingray when I decided.

However, I am a bit of an Amplesound fanboy. At least as far as the instruments I have of theirs (I wasn’t that happy with the Les Paul demo tbh).


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Another vote for MODO. I do like the Ample Sound, Ilya Efimov and Orange Tree basses too, but MODO fits the bill most times for me these days.


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MODO's good if you don't need dirty rattly punk - I don't quite like how it does that. Ample stuff is good, its one big weakness being that as you go up the fretboard you get fewer velocity layers and round robins - good for acoustic guitar type stuff, not good for chugging metal high up on the low strings, so that might force you into using lower positions on higher strings for those notes. Shreddage basses are a lot like Ample without that weakness, but they all sound kinda metal - a good tone for some non-metal genres too (modern gospel, seriously), but for thuddy R&B not really. Haven't really tried others.
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