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Bagpipe Competition Shortlist ANNOUNCED!!!


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Sorry for a dumb question but this is bugging me.

I'm using Christian & Jake's template skeleton which I'm customising for the Spitfire Symphonic libraries, partly as a learning curve as I've never used templates before.

I notice that if I open a project based on their original file using New From Template, in the Logic title bar above the Control Bar it says: "Untitled - CH JJ Template 1.8 Stripped - Tracks".

I've saved mine as a Template called "Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra", but when I open a new project from it via the New From Template command it still says at the top: "Untitled - CH JJ Template 1.8 Stripped - Tracks". Even though it does incorporate all the changes I've made.

If I use the File>Open command instead of New From Template, it then says "Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra - CH JJ Template 1.8 Stripped - Tracks".

Am all for Christian and Jake's hard work being recognised, but why when I've renamed it does it still mention the original file name? I must be misunderstanding something about how Logic saves or uses templates?

EDIT: OK, sussed this now. The answer is the Project Alternatives function.
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I personally think that the best recorder/microphone is the one you have available at all times. I've recorded excellent stuff with expensive mics and I've recorded excellent stuff with a phone. What really matters is what you plan to do with the samples afterwards.


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I've got what you'd call a "traditional" musical background (traditional in its content if not necessarily the way I actually went about it) and the snobbery that you've talked about so often is something that I've seen too much of.

I'd prefer not to count how many times people have seemed to place more weight on what I lack as far as conservatory/university credentials, etc., than on what I actually *do* know and am capable of. Thankfully, this is something that seems to be fading, rapidly. What you and Spitfire do towards that is absolutely not to be undervalued.

Also excited to hear you want to expand the NYC node. Definitely keeping my eye on that....
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RAM Competition Results!

I'm sure many here, myself included, can relate to the obsessiveness that comes with making recorded music. When music is going well it's frankly hard to find anything that can beat the high I get from it. But it's not always going well, and were humans, not just musicians. Thanks for the reminder to keep things in perspective.

Here's an interesting article about an elite MLB pitcher who sleeps 10 hours a night: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/sports/baseball/justin-verlander-all-star-sleep.html

I like music

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Wait, the whole thing loaded up is that size in terms of RAM? So my 32gb laptop could (at least from a RAM perspective) load up the whole orchestra?!? Or have I fundamentally misunderstood something? I'm assuming mic positions will add to that, but if I just went with whatever standard mics are in there...?

Don't tempt me.
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