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Avid Artist Mix with Cubase 10's Quick Controls


Hi all,

I know this subject has been covered many times in the past, but I'm still some-what stuck.

How do I setup my Artist Mix to be permanently configured to 8 quick controls at all times?

At the moment its track dependent - So only if I select a MIDI track in Cubase's sequencer does the Artist Mix correspond to the quick controls that I've setup for that specific channel via the Inspector on the left.

I'd like to setup my 8 quick controls once, have those controls assigned to the faders and have them be available all the time regardless what I have selected.

I'd also like to have my main Control Room volume assigned to Fader 1, my click track level assigned to Fader 2 and my template's audio channel for dialog assigned to Fader 3. Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated!
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