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Available Now: "The LO.VE. Piano" - LOw VElocity piano for soft playing


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The Love Piano was an experiment – what would happen if we recorded a grand piano to be used specifically for soft playing?

The result ("LO.VE. Piano" = LOw VElocity) is the result...was more beautiful than we imagined – a beautiful, rich and intimate sound, full of character and nuance, that retains is clarity even at low velocities.

With up to 12 velocity layers, the library is is 6GB in size and retains a very well defined sound while remaining in the dynamic range of “p” to “mf” without getting “muddy” or “washy”.

It’s absolutely perfect for Newman-esque playing, film/TV/game underscore, drama, ambient music and so much more.

This is a very unique library that we believe will become your main tool for writing beautiful, intimate piano music.

Intro price of €29, but depending on how many reward points you have from previous purchases, you can get this product for less, or even potentially for free!

Learn more at https://vstbuzz.com/the-vault/the-love-piano/
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This totally suits me.. :D

The velocity setting on my piano doesn't even let me hit the hard notes.. Will I have to change it for this one's sake? ;D
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