AVAILABLE NOW! Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional


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Lots of different sounds in those different mixes. They all sound lovely.
Not to sound like an enabler but stop f**king about and get the HZ Perc Pro Library. The different mixes (as previously discussed by many) from HZ01 are killer. Your procrastination on such a purchase is now holding me back by being on here and not programming drums. :)


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Just saw they posted a couple new videos for Pro version!

Thanks for posting this update on the new HZPerc Pro version videos. I purchased HZ-Perc. and like it a lot, I might get the Pro version in the future, these videos will be very helpful in evaluating the Pro version.


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Just saw they posted a couple new videos for Pro version!

Can't believe they cut out the part of the walkthrough video where he plays the Junkie XL room and surround mikes! This was why I was waiting for this video. :/ I really wish he would have mixed the mics as well. Hearing a tight close mic is kind of useless until you hear it combined with the room (and/or surround). How they mix together is key, and in reality is the entire advantage of this Pro version. The stereo mixes are not ideal, as most are roomy, so mixing close with room or surround on any of the artist elements is the whole reason to spend the extra space, time, and money on this library. It looks like Paul went through the other JXL mics then they cut it out. Bummer. Strange they would emphasis the versitility of mixing mics at the top of the video yet not demonstrate that within the same video. One mic at a time only, no mixing mics... really?
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Well Kurt... Let's just boil it down to an awesome endless panoply of creative opportunities that now, with the new gui, should be fairly irresistible! Ripe for a multi hour review by someone...

Glad I got it!


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Hans Zimmer Percussion seems to have gotten rid of the 'Punch Cog' facility from HZ01, in the image I've attached. This enabled further tweaking of the samples, such as, Sample Start, Tuning, Skip RR etc. I've looked in the manual but cannot see them. Surely these parameters are available somewhere?

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Thinking about upgrading from the standard HZ Perc version, with the 25% off at the moment I can get it for £150. Are the extra mixes / mics worth it? Or shall I hold off for the Black Friday / Xmas deals?

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Nice one! Black Friday is 25% off, Xmas wish list is 40% off, but that won't be a huge amount of cash. The Alan Meyerson mics are so so worth the upgrade in my opinion. It's a totally different library from his perspectives. Just go for it and enjoy using it for an extra 4 months!