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    Oct 9, 2008
    Imagine having the power to terrify, thrill or uplift your listeners in just a few seconds…

    Having a palette of thousands of raw sounds to mix and match to create highly playable, incredibly rich-sounding textures, atmospheres and pads.

    Enter Gothic Instruments Dronar Master Edition – a virtual instrument for the free Kontakt Player (no additional paid-for software required!) that takes the first eight modules of the Dronar product line to a whole new realm.

    This huge 50GB collection includes over 2000 presets, all packaged in a new, fast-loading, more efficient engine and powerful features to tweak as little or as much as you want.

    Sound designers, TV, film and video game composers, music producers and more will discover tons of creative inspiration for a huge array of styles and themes.

    DRONAR Master Edition is available with 20% off until 18th September, and if you already own DRONAR modules you can benefit from extra special upgrade pricing as follows...
    • Owners of 1-3 Dronar modules – Use code DRONARUP13 to get 36% off + extra 20% off until 18th Sept

    • Owners of 4-6 Dronar modules – Use code DRONARUP46 to get 68% off + extra 20% off until 18th Sept

    • Owners of 7 or more Dronar modules – Use code DRONARUP7P to get 96% off – available for one week only! (Decreasing to 93% off after the 11th Sept).
    These codes will only work if you bought all of your DRONAR titles/bundles from Time+Space and you are logged into your account when applying the relevant code. If you didn't purchase all/some of your DRONAR titles from T+S, please contact websales@timespace.com with proof of purchase. Please also contact us if you have ordered from T+S using different email accounts.

    Click here to view the DRONAR Master Edition page
  2. Sunny Fable

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    May 24, 2018
    Interesting and great price. I would like to know if the library has been optimized.
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  3. KarlHeinz

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    Nov 24, 2017
    Yes, absolutely. I tried out yesterday and must say considering my very old and bad hardware requirement (i3, 8GB RAM) the improvement is marvellous. It was nearly unusable for me before (there is another thread in here concerning about the problems of the old version), and yesterday I added two instances on an existing project for the PAD-Parts and it worked :dancer:.

    Another great improvement is the preset management with categorized snapshots. A little sad that they have not implemented this consequently so that on the last level you still got the devellopers and "pad1 to pad 10" names in some cases but I think thats just a lack of time and hope will be improved in an update. But you have eache instrument, partially categorized in rhythmic/other stuff and mostly useful categories after that. And a new category in which different libraries are mixed which is great for a start.

    Whats worth looking is the detailed walkthrough on the Master Edition page cause it showcases that also the included sounds themselfs are a very useful treasure to discover.

    I can only say I am very happy with this Master edition so far :)
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  4. Never really heard of this product. What do you mainly use it for if you already own the usual stuff like Omnisphere, Zebra, SampleLogic, 8Dio, Soundiron etc.?
  5. Theodor Andrews

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    Apr 24, 2018
    That sounds very promising! Good to hear that, so I will buy it asap!
  6. KarlHeinz

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    Nov 24, 2017
    Guido: hard to answer for me cause I dont own Omnisphere or SampleLogic stuff (apart from Xosphere). I would see it not in comparision to something like Omnisphere but to the other kontakt libraries you mentioned.

    If you want to have a look for yourself in case of the engine and workflow you might like to download the free version available even if its NOT the new engine.

    In general I would think its not so different from something like Xosphere from Sample Logig in the way it mixes different sound sources. But what makes it different is for example that you have very easy and simple ways to change the sound on the main page (Intensity and Movement dials for the whole engine) and that the engine automatically generates additional voices (thats what of course is the background why in general it claims higher cpu and ram amount). Apart from the simple main page you have lots of additional pages for soundsources, soundcrafting in different ways.

    Main intention is I would say to generate moving pads, athmos and something like that.

    But in the master edition you now have lots and lots of soundsources (complete content from the already existing 8 libraries, each library on its own would be comparable to something like 8dio or soundiron stuff) and you can combine ALL now in that one master engine. So you can choose your 8 soundsources from all the soundsources of all libraries so that this gives additional possibiliities to use it for other cases then "only" pads, ambient and athmos kind of things.

    I could really recommend the detailed walkthrough on the timespace link, it is not something polished like usual but shows a lot of the intention (and heartblood :) behind it.
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  7. Vastman

    Vastman we make the future

    Trying to upgrade but codes not working... email sent. Excited about this!

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